Party Rentals: Guide On How To Throw A Campfire Birthday Party

campfire birthday party


A campfire birthday party is a great way of enjoying your big day.  The good thing with this party is that you have a great time in a casual, relaxed environment with plenty of fresh air. To have a great time you need to ensure that everything is at its right place.


Since you will be camping, you need to have tents. You can rent one large tent from a tent rental company or hire several small tents for you and your friends. You should rent the tents from a reputable rental company. This is to ensure that the tents are of high quality.


As much as you look forward to having a great time, you shouldn’t eliminate the potential danger that comes with camps. You should ensure that the venue you choose is safe. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the venue is free of wild animals. You should also ensure that no accidents have been reported in the area before.


There are many types of foods that you can serve at the party. To maintain the campfire theme you should serve the foods using metal plates and cups. Some of the best foods that you should serve include: hot dogs, banana boats, chocolate chips, marshmallows and buggy punch. If you don’t have metal plates and cups you don’t have to worry as you can always rent from a party rental company.


Birthday party games are a must have. There are many types of games that you can engage in. For example, if you are throwing the party for your child, the children should engage in scavenger hunt where they can look for items such as red leaves, birds, squirrels and flat rocks.

Outdoor-inspired décor

If you won’t be attending an actual camp, you should ensure that you decorate your house properly. You should use pine cones, tents, rocks and trees.

You should use as many fir branches as you can. It’s also wise that you create an artificial fire in the house to create a perfect campfire look.


You can go to an actual camp or celebrate the birthday in a venue with a campfire theme. If you will be expecting to have many friends its wise that you hire a birthday party organizer to help you with the planning.

You should also work closely with your local rental company. The company comes in handy when you want party supplies such as Service and Chafing Dishes rentals.