Party Rentals: Mistakes To Avoid When Planning An Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is relaxing and minimizes the amount of money you spend decorating the venue as there are plenty of outdoor features to play around with. While this is the case, studies show that people make plenty of mistakes when planning their outdoor weddings. The most common mistakes include:

Lacking an indoor option

When having a summer wedding the last thing you think about is rain, a lot of wind or any other form of bad weather spoiling your bid day. Unfortunately, it happens. To have your event without worry you should have an indoor option in addition to the outdoor venue. The best way of going about it is renting party tents from your local tent rentals. When renting, ensure that the tent is durable and complements the party theme.

Choosing the wrong catering service

As I have mentioned before on this blog, food is an important part of any party. You can buy the food from your local restaurant or hire a professional to prepare it at the party venue. Hiring a professional is always better as the guests get to eat the food while it’s still hot and fresh. Some of the professionals will come with their cooking equipment while others will require you to rent them from kitchen rentals.

In the bid of saving money, some people go for cheap catering services which often results to a bad experience. To avoid giving your party a bad look you should hire the right caterer. As rule of thumb, ensure that the professional has ample experience in catering for outdoor events. To have an easy time working with the professional, the caterer should also have a great personality.

Overdecorating the wedding venue

We all want a beautiful venue that will not only look great in the pictures and video, but one that the guests will be talking about for a long time. In the bid of pleasing people, some of the people go overboard and over decorate their venues. This often gives the venue a bad look. To avoid this, you should take your time to research the best decorative materials to use in the venue. Some of the best materials that you can’t go wrong with are flowers, ribbons and chair covers. If you are unsure of the best units to go for, get event décor ideas from experts.


These are the mistakes you should avoid making when planning an outdoor wedding. To have easy time work with reputable party rentals that will not only rent you the supplies you need but also support you with the planning.