Party Rentals: Simple Wedding Ideas To Go With

party rentals

A wedding is an important event in the life of everyone but you don’t have to spend millions of money on it in order to have a great experience. There are plenty of simple wedding ideas that you can to with.  To help you out here are some of the ideas that you can consider:

Beach wedding

Due to their romantic nature, beaches have been wedding spots for centuries. To do a wedding all you need are a few chairs that you can rent from your local party rentals. To keep up with the beach theme, the chairs should be casual. The best chairs to go for are wooden party chairs. If the ceremony will be short, you should ask the guests to stand thus saving money that you would have spent on the rental companies.

As mentioned, the beach has a casual look; therefore, you should maintain the look. When it comes to the bride’s dress, avoid having the long tail as it will gather plenty of sand. Also, get rid of high heeled shoes. If there will be plenty of old people attending the event, consider renting the floor for them to step on.

Due to the strong winds that characterize beaches, you don’t have to spend money renting party tents. The best way of going about it is having the event when the sun isn’t too hot. This is during early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Garden wedding

A garden wedding is another simple wedding that gives you a great experience but saves you plenty of money. You can do the wedding in your backyard or in your friend’s place. If you don’t have a beautiful garden to have the event, consider renting space in your local botanic garden. If having the event in your garden you have to rent a tent in order to protect the guests from the sun. Party tents come in different sizes and designs. All you have to do is choose the one that is right for you. You also need to have chairs and tables.

Unlike the beach wedding that has a casual look, you can give your garden wedding a formal look by decorating it with formal chairs and tables. When it comes to decorations use formal decorations such as chandeliers.


These are the simple wedding ideas that you can choose from. As you have seen you don’t have to spend plenty of money for you to have a great time. When renting the tents, chairs, tables and other wedding party supplies, ensure that you rent them from a reputable rental company.