Party Rentals: Things To Do In Preparation For Your Wedding

party rentals

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and special days in your life; therefore, you should ensure that everything is perfect. To help you out here are tips on the things you should do in preparation for the big day:

2-3 months before the wedding

This is the time to visit your local party rentals and see what they have to offer. While some of the companies will stock general supplies, there are some that will stock specific units. For example, you will find a company that stocks units for a particular theme. If you have a theme for your wedding, it’s good that you work with such a company as you will have an easy time finding high-end units.

When working with the rental company, pay close attention to the working policies. Check the policies on time you should return the units. Also check whether you need to clean kitchen supplies, glasses, and stemware after use. Make sure that you fully understand the policies before you sign a commitment contract.

In addition to the rental companies, you also should contact other vendors in your wedding. These include the videographer, photographer, officiant, florist, pastry chef, DJ, and any other professional you might need during your big day.

One month before the wedding

This is your wedding month, and you must be having jitters. Start the month with applying for your marriage certificate. You also should check your gown for final fitting. Even if you had placed your orders with the vendors, don’t sit back and think everything will be alright. Contact them to confirm that the schedule is still in place. You also should confirm the arrival and delivery times.

Two weeks before the wedding

It’s only a fortnight before you say “I do.” Contact the chair rentals so that you can plan on the seating arrangement. This is also the best time to have the tent vendor over so that you can agree on the best location to place the party tent. If you are having the traditional bachelor or bachelorette party, attend it at this time.

A day before the wedding

You should work at ensuring that you are relaxed. This calls for you to do something relaxing such as undertaking a massage or going out with friends. You shouldn’t bother so much with the wedding at this point—assign responsibilities to other people.


These are some of the things you should do in preparation for your wedding day. To have an easy time, work with experienced party supplies companies that will not only provide you with the supplies but also help you with the party planning.