Party Rentals: Tips On How To Use The Different Wedding Supplies

party rentals

You have to decorate your wedding event for it to look elegant. You can buy the decorating supplies or rent them from the local party rentals. To properly decorate the wedding, you need to observe a number of tips that include:

Balloons and streamers

There are plenty of balloons and streamers in stores, but this doesn’t mean that you have to rent them for the coming event. Balloons are great for a child’s birthday party or prom, but when putting together a formal wedding party, they are a no-no. The same thing applies to the streamers. Regardless of how informal the party is, you should avoid them. To give your wedding a sophisticated look, go for draped fabrics or floral garlands.

Paper napkins

Paper napkins look good when having your party in a bar. For an ideal look, you should personalize them with your name and wedding date. If having a formal event in an elegant place, they are a big no. The best way of going about it is investing in beautiful cloth napkins. All you need to do is visit your local party supplies companies and rent the units at affordable prices.


Tablecloths greatly improve the look of the event, but you need to use the right ones. One of the things to consider is the color of the units. As rule of thumb ensure that they match your wedding theme. You also need to pay attention to the type of party tables that you have.

If you have used tablecloths before you must be aware that different cloths are ideal for different tables. You can’t use circular tablecloths on rectangular tables. To avoid ordering tablecloths of the wrong dimensions, rent the cloths from the same company you rent the tables. If you have to rent from a different company, take the table measurements before placing your order.

Floral arrangements

Flowers have a great impact on the look of the event; therefore, it’s wise to use them in your event. Just like tablecloths, use those that match the wedding theme. If you are having the event in different locations, for example, you have the ceremony and reception areas, you don’t have to rent many flowers.

The best way of going about it is transporting them to the venues. Since live flowers go to waste after the event, consider renting artificial, but elegant flowers from your local wedding party supplies companies.