Party Supplies: Ways In Which You Can Use Drapes In Your Party

When you are renting the party supplies, you should remember to rent the drapes. This is because you can use them in many areas. Some of these areas include:

Adding a decorative backdrop

When having a formal event, you can use the drapes to create a beautiful background behind the head table. Here you only need to use sheer or colored draping. To make the drapes more interesting, you should add strands of twinkle lights.

You can also use the drapes to create a dramatic entrance for your event. For you to set up the design, you need to set up draped walls, add some up lights, and place a carpet lined with floral arrangements.

Use drape skirting to dress a table

Most of the party tables in the market have the same look. The good news is that you can create a more tailored presentation for your dessert, buffet or head table using the drape skirting.

The skirting is a little bit expensive than the traditional tablecloth, it neatly extends to the floor giving your table an elegant, beautiful look.

This table set up not only gives your party a transformed look, but it also provides the table with a secret storage space that your catering staff can use to stash extra supplies such as napkins and linens.

Create a photo backdrop

This is important when you are having a wedding since most people want to take as many photos in the wedding as possible. You should use an elegant backdrop of fabric and twinkle lights to create a photo area for your guests.

When you are renting the drapes for this role, you should go for those that have a 9” x 6” measurements. As rule of thumb, ensure that the color of the drapes matches your party theme.

Use the drapes to create a separate area

Sometimes you need a separate area in your party. For example, you might need a lounge or children’s play area. In such a scenario, you need to rent the drapes from a party rental and use them to partition the areas creating the illusion of separate rooms.

When you are renting the drapes, you should go for long ones made from high-quality material.


These are some of the ways in which you can use drapes in your event. When renting the pieces, always rent them from a reputable party rentals VA company. You also should ensure that an expert installs them.