Planning for a Hybrid Event: What You Need to Know

These past few months are so unexpected it completely caught everyone off-guard. A lot of businesses either have to cut their workforce or shut down altogether. Almost all events, even the major and prestigious ones, have to be canceled for the year. Even weddings that a lot of soon-to-be-wed couples look forward to having to be canceled.

Speaking of weddings, it sure is a bummer to have your wedding canceled. Imagine the time and effort looking for wedding tent rental packages, table and chair rentals, and staging and dance floor rentals for your big day. Only to cancel all of them last minute due to the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the events industry is among the hardest hit during the pandemic. But this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the industry, among others. Adjustments have to be made to be able to cope up with the current situation. Fortunately, a lot of businesses are able to and continue their business despite these trying times.

The new normal in events

We already are familiar with virtual events and how it became the new normal until recently. There are a lot of creative alternatives to organize an event in the middle of a pandemic. Along the way, event rentals and other event businesses learned of the various benefits of virtual events.

But sometimes, virtual events are no match to live events. Everyone misses attending live concerts, watching a movie in a theatre, or joining a major marathon event. But for the sake of everyone’s safety, all live events have to be shelved in the meantime. However, some are able to shift these live events into virtual ones.

And then there are also hybrid events, a combination of virtual and live events. Like virtual events, hybrid events are also seen as the new normal in this industry. But before planning for a hybrid event, you need to know its basics and how you can make it successful and worthwhile.

What to consider in organizing a hybrid event

Various event businesses like tent rentals and party rentals may benefit from this kind of event setup. For one thing, hybrid events are ideal for events that are most effective off- and onsite. Trade shows, sales kick-offs, and conferences are some event examples that can go hybrid.

Hybrid events can be held in either of the following situations.

  • The expected attendees cannot come to the event in person due to health or other personal concerns.
  • The event site has a limited capacity which means not all attendees can be accommodated onsite (considering the physical distancing strictly implemented nowadays).

In such cases, you may have to conduct a survey prior to the event. This will help determine whether the attendees are okay with the hybrid kind of event setup. That way, you can decide whether to push through with the hybrid event.

Among the best events that are ideally conducted on-site are team outings, luncheon meetings, and awards nights. On the other hand, virtual events can be a better choice when conducted via video (recorded or live stream). This includes webinars and team meetings.

What should hybrid events have?

Contrary to usual belief, hybrid events do not only require a strong Internet connection. These should also be present when planning for a hybrid event.

Registration process

You should consider a convenient way for attendees to register for your event. One way is by creating a registration featuring your brand name or logo. You can monitor those who did not end up registering and send an email reminding them to register for the event.

Valuable content

A hybrid event would not be complete without content and objective why you are having an event in the first place. The content should be engaging enough for your target attendees to stick until the end of the event. The speakers should also be prepared and be able to deliver their presentations effectively.

Marketing and promotion

Of course, you need to promote the event to everyone. One way is by creating a page exclusive for that event. You can also have an email blast as well.

Planning a valuable event amidst the pandemic

This ongoing pandemic should not be the end of all businesses, including the events industry. We will also never know until when we will have to deal with this global crisis.

Still, there is still hope and that we should do our part so we will be able to survive whatever is happening right now. Event rentals in Maryland and other businesses have to do the same as well.