Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

It is not easy to be a wedding planner, which is why a lot of couples hire them so they can plan the biggest party without worrying. When you are hiring a wedding planner, you are also getting an advocate because they will collaborate with you when it comes to designing your wedding, the people they work with, pay vendors, find wedding tent rentals, and deal with the contracts. Wedding planners look for a venue and troubleshoot things such as how many bathrooms and generators you will require.

Wedding planners can also give you advice on event rentals and where to get the best deals. It is important for you to choose a professional who spends time to completely understand what you want. You should ask the right questions, so here they are:

How Many Weddings Have You Done?

This is the first question you should ask your wedding planner. To be more specific, “how many weddings are in your portfolio?” You also want to know how long have they been doing this business, the kinds of weddings they planned, and if they have degrees or certifications. You should ask for their portfolio and look for references.

Is My Chosen Date Available?

What you should know is if you have booked a wedding venue and a planned date, then you must ask a potential planner if they can be there on that day. However, if you have not booked yet and you are flexible, then ask for their available dates, and if their schedule works for you.

What Do I Have to Know About Wedding Venue Contracts?

You will encounter a lot of fine print in wedding venue contracts, so make sure that you are aware of how much time you have for setting up and when you have to pack up. Do you have to pay for any additional charges like valet parking, coat check, or restroom attendants? Should you use any exclusive vendors? If yes, what is the pricing they offer? In addition, always ask if how much gratuity they expect. This is usually overlooked by clients and it should be part of their budget.

How Many Clients Do You Accommodate a Year and Per Month?

This question is going to help you feel how busy the wedding planner is during the months before your wedding. Some people only want to work with one client each time while there are those who prefer to juggle many clients at a time. If you want a huge wedding, you might want to look for someone who is going to devote plenty of time to your wedding day.

Will You be Able to Work with Our Budget?

This question should be in your list of questions when you interview a wedding planner. Before you meet the potential wedding planner, you should already have an idea of how much your budget for the wedding is. You need to be prepared with that figure when you meet a wedding planner and when it is time to discuss your wedding budget, tell them what it is, even if you feel uncomfortable. Discussing your wedding budget early on is very important because you can figure out if the wedding planner can work within your budget. This is going to start a conversation about their wedding services and whether or not your budget can accommodate it or not. You should also ask if they can be flexible with their rates.

Do Your Work Alone or With a Team?

Whether your wedding is big or small, the wedding planner might need help on that day.

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