Questions to Ask When Renting a Tent for Your Wedding or Party

Planning an event can be hard and its therefore important that you get the right event rentals for your occasion. If you have your wedding outdoors you will need to rent a wedding tent or party tent rentals to ensure your guest are well protected. It’s therefore important you ask the right questions before you get the tent. The party tent rentals you get should protect your guest from harsh weather.

Questions to Ask When Renting a Tent for Your Wedding or Party

  • How many Guest Will Attend your Event

When sending out invites for the event make sure that you request a response on attendance. That will help you know the number of people you expect for the wedding or party. It’s important to have the number of likely attendants because that will help you know the chair table rentals you need. The number of chairs you need will determine the kind of tent rentals you choose. Make sure the number of people you expect at the event is as accurate as possible because that helps you determine the kind of tent to use. The tent you choose should fit the number of chairs and tables required for your event. Ensure that your guest have enough space to move around and enjoy. An expert from the rentals company will help you choose the kind of tent you will need for your event.

  • What Types of Table Do You Need

There are round, banquet and cocktail tables. The kind of table you choose will determine the size and type of tent you choose. Roundtables look more elegant and encourage bonding between guest in comparison to banquet tables. Roundtables will, however, take more space and hold less guest and you will need to get a larger tent. Banquet tables will be ideal if you are expecting a large number of guest for your event. You can opt for a combination of tables but ensure that they serve your event. Choose the wedding rental packages that have the right tables for your event. Make sure that your guests are comfortable

  • What Kinds of seats are ideal for your guest

Depending on the event you are hosting you may need different kinds of the seat for various sections. You may need seats for the buffet area, for the gifts areas, stage and dance and the reception. It’s important to ensure that the seats you get give your guest the comfort they need. Get enough seats for your guest to avoid making your them uncomfortable. The seat you get will determine the size and the type of tent you will need.

  • What Special Features are you adding to the tent?

There are different kinds of tents and each tent has its features. Choose a tent that has features that will make your event more stylish and outstanding. Work with wedding tent rentals companies that have a variety of tents with different features. Some tents are colored and have protective sides to keep your guest warm in case it rains.

  • What Kind of Lighting will you require

If you are hosting an event late into the night, consider having lighting. Most tent rentals company will offer to light with tents. Choose to work with rental companies that will provide the lighting for your event.

  •  Do you Need air freshener and heaters?

If you are having your event when it’s extremely you may want to get an air freshener and if you expect a chilly evening you will need some heater. Get portable air conditioners for your event or tents packages that include heaters and air fresheners.

  • Will Serve food?

If you intend to serve food, then you may need to get larger tents. Make sure that the tents rentals you choose will accommodate the guest and leave space for moving around.

  • Will you have staging and dance floor rentals under a tent

Dance floor comes in different sizes and it’s therefore important that you choose the right one. The dance floor will require a level floor and that will also determine what kind of tent you will need.

  • Will you hire a band?

If you have a band for your event that will mean that you will need a tent. Take into account the size of the band and choose a tent where they will fit in.

  • Do you have space in your venue?

The space you have in your venue will determine the size of the tent that you choose. Make sure that the tent you choose will fit in the venue.

The above questions will help you choose the right wedding tents. Choose the team that brings out your style, fits your budget and protects your guest from the elements of the weather.