Should I Host A Weekday Wedding Or A Weekend Wedding?

Wedding planning is a whole stressful debacle in itself. One of the wedding planning things that couples have a hard time deciding is the actual day of the wedding. Is a weekend wedding better? Or is it smart to have a wedding on the weekdays? The venue and event rentals cost would be lower on weekdays, but is it a good idea? Well, here are all of the things that you need to consider.

Hosting A Weekday Vs Weekend Wedding

Venue Bookings

The venue is probably the most crucial thing that couples must choose during wedding planning and all of it boils down to your favorite place where you want to host your big day. Well, sometimes you just can’t seem to get your hands on your dream venue. Whether it’s a chapel overlooking the ocean or a vineyard with flowers and shrubs till the eye can see, when it comes to booking the venue, things can get a little complicated.

Weekend Wedding

Weekend weddings might sound amazing, but they’re also occasions when venue companies and wedding management services charge a lot. There also might be issues with the venue not being available for your date, and you might need to tweak the date around a bit if you want a specific venue.

Weekday Wedding

Comparatively, weekday weddings are a lot more hassle-free because there is no such demand for weddings and other occasions during the week. Weddings seldom take place during the week, but if you want to host your wedding during this time, then you have a higher chance of bagging your favorite venue without any overbookings or obstacles in your way. In this regard, weekday weddings have a clear lead in the game.

Wedding Costs

Wedding planning is all about crunching those big numbers, but did you know that the day you choose for your hitch day can ultimately affect your wedding costs? You can either save a good chunk of it or everything will be used. But how? Simple! It’s the day you choose.

Weekend Wedding

During the weekend, since it’s already a bustling wedding-appropriate time, there will be a lot more costs associated with all things weddings. Whether it’s the venue or the wedding rentals, the vendors or the decorating. Everything will be super expensive.

Weekday Wedding

Weekdays, however, will be less charged, in every sense of the word. Since a lot of couples don’t go for weekday weddings, there is a high chance that you could get less-than-normal rates and quotes for everything. This is amazing because you’ll get the same experience, if not better and more relaxed, but for less money spent. So, if you want to choose a wedding day, then you probably know which one is the best.

Attendance Of The Guests

Every wedding has guests unless you’re eloping in Vegas, and they’re pretty much the nitty-gritty of the entire wedding lineup.

Weekend Wedding

If you are hosting your wedding on a weekend, then you can expect a greater influx of guests and almost everyone will happily make it to your big day.

That’s because it’s the weekend! People usually don’t have to go to work or they’re willing to stay at the wedding extra long because there’s no work the next day either. They enjoy the wedding without stress and you enjoy it too with the guests you wanted to attend your wedding. So, it’s a win-win situation. This is probably the biggest benefit of hosting a weekend wedding.

Weekday Wedding

As far as weekdays are concerned, this is the only factor that makes these weddings a no-go because, since it’s the work week, there might be a solid chance that many people skip the ceremony or the reception because they need to get back home for work the next day.

This is serious because you can’t possibly host a wedding without an adequate number of guests and since you’re spending all of that money for the guests to make an appearance, you want it to happen, regardless of the day. People will need to take time out of their work days to attend your wedding and that can be hard during the weekdays.

Overall Traffic

Weekend Wedding

This is no hidden fact that weekend weddings come with a prelude of rush and traffic and this isn’t just road traffic we’re talking about. Since weekends are mostly preferred by people for hosting weddings, parties, and get-togethers, the possibility of the venue being crowded is extremely high.

There also might be the case of overworked staff and the service might not be the greatest. This is the biggest nightmare for anyone, so think wisely if you want your wedding to be hosted on the weekend.

Weekday Wedding

Weekdays, on the other hand, are quite chill. There may be less traffic after the work hours. There will also be less worry about not finding parking or anything else in between. The only rush hour you’ll experience is coming back from work or after the reception, but that’s not nearly as bad as the weekends.

You can also expect good service, if not exceptional, because weekday weddings aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you will feel like you’ve struck gold by making this decision. Weekday weddings are seriously for the win and they’re leaving weekend weddings back in the fog with their versatility and overall convenience.

Wedding Management

Weekend Wedding

Weekend weddings are great and all, but they’re typically not managed well. This is understandable because weekends are the peak time for everyone to host events and there is only so much a wedding management can handle.

Weekend weddings usually start late, partly because there’s no need to rush since the next day will most probably be the weekend given that you host the wedding on a Friday or Saturday.

The management won’t be horrible per se, since most people host their wedding on a weekend and there’s no problem, but it will still be a bit cramped and if you’re someone who’s an advocate of attention to detail, then weekend weddings won’t impress you completely.

Weekday Wedding

Weekdays are pretty light, as far as wedding management is concerned, so the manager will ensure that you’re having the experience of a lifetime. Everyone is a lot more attentive. The staff and vendors are more alert and everything is just that much better when it comes to weekday weddings.

Also, weekday weddings seldom have kids in them because they have school and they can’t stay that long, so everything will be even more breezy and you’ll be able to enjoy the day to the max. But if you want cute kids to attend the wedding with their parents, then you may not appreciate weekday weddings.

Time For Celebrations

Weekend Wedding

Weekend weddings don’t leave any time for extra celebration since you’re hit in the face with Monday blues. Even though you, as the newly married couple, don’t have to work, there won’t be that spark in the post-wedding festivities because everyone will have a harder time joining you, thanks to work commitments.

Weekday Wedding

On the contrary, if you get married on a weekday, let’s say Thursday, then you’ll have the whole weekend for yourself and your loved ones, so you guys can keep the festivities going for a few more days. Talk about smart wedding planning.


Wedding days can vary significantly. While most people prefer to host weddings on a weekend, a lot of people also go for weekdays. Now, with all of these factors in mind, you can decide for yourself too. So, before setting your wedding date, take a lot at the venue and wedding tent rental packages Frederick for your preferred dates.