Staging And Dance Floor: 3 Types Of Outdoor Dance Floors And How To Decorate Them

Whether having a corporate party, wedding party, or any other outdoor event, it’s imperative that you have an outdoor dance floor. You can rent the dance floor and construct your own. If planning an event, here are outdoor dance floor ideas that you should go with:

Acrylic dance floor

An acrylic dance floor has a bounce that makes dancing fun. The unit is also weather resistant thus you don’t have to worry of it getting damaged by sun or rain. Just like any other product, there are many types of these floors.

If using the dance floor once, you should rent it from a reputable party rental. To avoid being asked to pay for damages, you should ensure that the dance floor is in perfect condition when picking it. If there are any problems, you should let the rental company know beforehand.

Wood parquet dance floor

This is a dance floor made from wood squares that have been attached together. Due to the lightweight of the wood, the rental company is able to easily transport it.

The floor is also firm thus you don’t have to worry of it getting damaged during dancing. The material has also been found to be very effective in softening the blow of moving feet thus you have less noise on the dance floor.

Bamboo dance floor

A bamboo dance floor provides a springy feel. It’s also resistant to heat and humidity thus you can leave it outdoors for long without worry. The exotic feel provided by the dance floor makes it ideal for elegant events such as tiki parties.

Guide to decorating your dance floor

To make the event lively you should decorate your party dance floor. There are many ways in which you can do it:

Fairy lights: lights add a soft, candle like glow on the dance floor giving it an elegant appeal. You should rent central pillar then attach white or colored lights. To have a soft, beautiful atmosphere you should add candles to the tables.

Balloons: balloons are cheap and you can use in many different ways. You can make balloon bouquets or construct a balloon arch over the dance floor area.  To get the balloons you only need to visit a reputable party store. To create variety you should decorate with balloons of different colors.


A dance floor is an important part of any lively event.  For ideal results you should get the unit from reputable party rental company that will not only rent you the dance floor, but also help you decorate it.