Staging And Dance Floor: Everything You Need To Know About Dance Floors

Party dance floors are available in different shapes and sizes that are convenient for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you want the guests to dance during your event you should rent a dance floor from your local party rentals.

Factors to consider when renting the dance floor

For you to rent the right dance floor you need to consider a number of factors such as:

The size of the dancing floor area: The size of the floor area that you should go for depends on: the number of participants being expected, the age of the participants, and the activities that will be undertaken on the dance floor. If you are expecting a lot of guests, you should go for a large dance floor and vice versa.

 The type of dance floor surface: The dance floor surface greatly determines the experience of the dancers. Smooth and slippery floor surface interferes with the pliability of the body and brings about the risks of injury. To be on the safe side you should go for a dance floor made from a material that is not too smooth and slippery. This is to ensure that the guests are comfortable and free from accidents.

The height of the dancing floor: The height of the party dancing floor dictates the amount of air circulating in the floor and opportunities to jump while dancing.

How to give the dancers a great experience on the dance floor

For the guest to have a great experience on the dance floor you need to do a number of things:

Provide enough ventilation: The party dance floor should be fully and properly ventilated. You can do it naturally by ensuring that there is enough air circulating around the dance floor or artificially where you install rental fans that blow as much air on the dance floor as possible.

Properly light up the party dance floor. I can’t tell the number of accidents that have been reported on the dance floors due to poor lighting. For your guests to have a great time you should properly light up the dance floor. For a great experience, you should provide theatrical lighting alongside the general lighting. You should ensure that the dance floor isn’t too bright or too dark.

Make the dance floor accessible: The dance floor should be easily accessible to seats and the drinking area. You should install it in such a way that the guests are able to access the seats and drinks without necessarily having to squeeze their way through the people on the dance floor.


You should provide your guests with a comfortable dance for them to fully enjoy the party. For ideal results, you should rent your dance floor from a reputable staging and dance floor rental company.