Staging And Dance Floor: Guide To Renting A Dance Floor For Your Party

Your dance floor choice can make break your event. Most people love to dance and one of the ways to ensure that your event is memorable is to provide a functional dance floor. Keep in mind the basic rule that half of your guests will be dancing at any given time. As a general guideline, one 3′ x 3′ section holds two people. When looking for a dance floor you should visit your nearest staging and dance floor  company and rent the unit.

Factors to consider when renting a dance floor

When renting you need to consider a number of factors:

Size: To pick the right Size and style, there are several questions you must answer. Is the size too small such that the guests feel cramped and uncomfortable? When making your plans, consider including space for a DJ and space tables. The dance floor should allow people to easily move and change their dancing positions. To ensure flow of traffic, incorporate the dance floor space to match the décor theme

Type of guests: Every event is unique hence bear in mind the type of guests that will be attending. If they are young, they will definitely be dancing, but if they are older, dancing won’t be the main interest. The older folks will most likely be more interested in engaging in conversations than dancing.

Location of the dance floor: Be sure to identify where the dance floor will be laid out. It can be at the center, off-side, in front, or in the corner of the room. If having an outdoor event, choose a flat ground as you won’t require a lot of equipment to keep the dance floor in place.

Your budget: Different styles and sizes of dance floors come at different prices. You should do your research and find a dance floor that matches your budget.

Theme of the event: To give character to the party, it’s always recommended that you have a theme. To avoid looking out of place, you should rent a dance floor that matches the party theme.


For a great experience, you should rent a high quality dance floor. This calls for you to rent from reputable party rentals. You can place your dance floor at the sides, center, back, or even at the front of the room depending on your preference. All you have to do is ensure that you place it at an area where the guests make the most use of it.