Staying Relevant in the Midst of a Pandemic: Why Businesses Should Have Blogs

The events industry has suffered huge financial damage due to the pandemic. As we already know, almost all events that are lined-up this year have to be canceled or shelved next year. Events businesses, including event rentals and party rentals, have to cease operations in the meantime. We are living in uncertain, tough times indeed, and we won’t know until when this will last.

And so, that left a lot of business owners without a continuous income flow. Understandably, no one would contact outdoor party rentals for now. Most celebrations nowadays will be held indoors, after all. Nor people wouldn’t rent a wedding tent because social gatherings are prohibited in the meantime for everyone’s safety.

How business owners can bounce back

Fortunately, a lot of business owners are able to bounce back somehow. One way is by opting to pivot their businesses online. They shifted to e-commerce and social media to promote and sell their products and services.

Another effective way is by creating good content that is relevant to your business. Since most people are at home, they basically do their personal transactions online like buying their basic needs online. Likewise, they also have more time to connect with friends and loved ones through social media.

This is where establishing a strong online presence comes in. It is important that businesses take note of this if they want to stay relevant and existent to their customers’ minds. It isn’t necessary that you post content to your site every hour. At the end of the day, quality should matter more than quantity.

Creating good content for your business

Starting a blog for your business is not simply about sharing related industry news. You can also post about your own business. For example, you can come up with topics about your business and how it can benefit your potential clients. Here are some tips that can help you with creating good content for your business website.

Don’t be shy to find other sources online.

While writing about your experience in running a staging and dance floor rentals business is not a bad thing, finding other reliable sources isn’t half as bad either. It is one way to add vital information to your existing content. You can also find popular industry-related topics and create an opinion, whether negative or positive, about it.

Try standing out from the rest.

Companies today mostly blog about how the pandemic vastly affected their business and how they are slowly rising from it. But more often than not, a lot of businesses have similar content which makes standing out from the competition challenging. So, what you should do is to make your business stand out by coming up with well-thought content.

Know how often you should share content.

It is a good idea to experiment with the kind of content writing that will suit your business. But experts say that in sharing content, business owners should consider the so-called “rule of thirds”.

One-third should be allotted to promote your own brand. The other chunk should be dedicated to curated content. Lastly, it should focus on your respective industry’s latest trends. Also, it is important to schedule your posts – whether it’s once a week, bi-monthly, once a month, and so on.

Why businesses should have online content now

Before planning your regular website content, you should know why it is important to have a business blog. Tent rentals, party rentals, and other events suppliers can benefit a lot in blogging especially during these uncertain times. Here are important reasons that should convince you to have one.

It helps in attracting leads.

Blog posts can portray your business’s human side. It enables you to be close to your current and potential customers. It helps you connect to them and address their most common concerns through quality content.

It establishes trust with your customers.

Business blogging can help in building trust with your clients. The more you post (not necessarily every day, but regularly – like in a fixed schedule), the more likely your customers will come back to your website. They will also see you as a reliable industry expert, which can also reflect through sales.

It establishes your reputation.

Blogging can also improve your site’s SEO rankings and put your site on top of search engine results. It also makes you stand out from your competitors.

This pandemic shall soon pass

Not all businesses might be back 100 percent. However, there are ways to stay relevant within the industry. At the same, you can still remain your customers’ top of mind even if your business is non-operational in the meantime. Party rentals in Maryland and other events businesses can make the most of their online presence through quality web content.