Tent Rentals: Guide On How To Decorate Wedding Tent Ceiling

Wedding decorations are integral in setting the mood of the event. In addition to decorating the reception area, you should also decorate the ceiling of your wedding tent. To guide you, here are ways of decorating the tent ceiling:


Balloons are common in children parties, but you can also use them in decorating your wedding tent ceiling. You should find balloons that match your wedding colors and hang them on the inside of the tent ceiling. Hang the balloons at the corners of your rental wedding tent.

For the balloons to shimmer in the candlelight, spray them with colorful glitter.


Who said you can only use lanterns in movies? Japanese lanterns function as great ceiling decorators. Hang the lanterns using florist pins and fishing wire. To create an interesting look, go with lanterns of different sizes and shapes.

When hanging the units, hang some higher than others. To create a romantic glow use bulbs that match the bride’s wedding color.


When well hang, beads are excellent decoration materials. Hang beads at varying lengths inside the tent ceiling using florist pins or fishing wire. To make them interesting, mix and match the beads of different colors.

You can buy the beads form your local store or rent them from party rentals in your area.

Tulle netting

To use the material you need to drape it in swags from each corner of your tent ceiling and secure it at the center with a chandelier or any other form of lighting. For an interesting look, use lighting bulbs that match the wedding theme.

You can also spray the tulle with glittering materials in order to make them shimmer in the light.


Lights not only provide ample lighting, they also decorate your ceiling tent. Lights can be expensive to purchase; therefore, you should rent them from party supplies companies.

One way of using the lights is stringing them using a fishing wire then hang them around the tent perimeter. Also hang them along the tent’s support beams.

You can also attach net lights across the tent ceiling then secure them in place with stitches. For a soft romantic glow mix and match the bride’s wedding colors.


Ribbons are cheap tent decoration ideas. All you need to do is swag various sizes and texture of ribbons at the center of the tents. Best ribbons to use are white ribbons. You can also mix and match the bride’s wedding colors.


These are wedding tent decoration ideas. For high quality decoration materials work with reputable wedding tent rentals.