Tent rentals: Guide To Renting Wedding Tents

A tent is a must have if you are having an outdoor wedding. The unit comes in handy in protecting your guests from strong winds and rain. Since you will be using the tent once, you don’t have to buy it—you should rent it from your local party rentals.  When renting you need to consider a number of factors that include:

Size of the Tent

The size of the tent depends on the number of people that you are expecting at the ceremony. It also depends on the type of party that you would like to have. A buffet, sit- down, cocktail, pie, etc need different tent sizes. Regardless of the type of party that you are having, ensure that the tent you have houses the chairs, tables, and guests comfortably. The unit should also provide enough space for the guests to walk around, dance, and mingle.

The Type of Tent

Different types of tents exist. The most common are pole and frame tents. Pole tents are affordable in compared to frame tents. They are characterized by center poles that are stalked into the ground. Frame tents, on the other hand, do not have poles for support—they have a frame.  Each type of tent comes with its pros and cons

Pole tents are less expensive, require a short time to set up, and do not need a frame to cover them up. Their main flaw is that their center pole can be a distraction to the guests. They also must be stalked into the ground which can be challenging if you have never done it before.  Frame tents do not have a center pole; therefore, they don’t cause any distraction.  According to experts, you can place them on any type of surface. While they are great, their main flaw is that they require a lot of time to setup. They also tend to be expensive to rent.


You should have a tent to have peace of mind during your wedding. To ensure uniformity in your wedding, you should go with a company that offers full service. The tent rentals you hire from should supply you with the tents together with the tables and chairs. The company should also install and remove the tents. When installing the unit, you should erect it on a flat surface. The site should not be in an area where rain water accumulates as it will make flooring impossible.