The Holidays Are Coming – Company Get-Together Ideas Amidst the Ongoing Pandemic

It’s the Holiday season soon, and supposedly people should be starting to prepare for the festivities. But since we are in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, workplace holiday parties may have to take a backseat in the meantime. Outdoor party rentals or staging and dance floor rentals may not be necessary for now as public gatherings are pretty much prohibited nowadays.

Workforce challenges during the pandemic

Everyone has been affected by the ongoing pandemic. Some countries are experiencing a second wave of the disease. On the other hand, it is showing signs of slowing down in other countries. We never saw this pandemic coming, and has affected not only all sorts of businesses but also our daily lives.

Nowadays, employees were given options to work at home. At least, businesses were kept afloat thanks to the option of remote working. Somehow, a lot of us miss talking with friends and colleagues in person. Those morning chats and lunch breaks with co-workers and teammates… those little routines that we might have taken for granted before.

We have to be more careful to avoid being infected with COVID-19. That is why public gatherings are prohibited for now, and we should follow physical distancing and wear a face mask all the time. Likewise, company gatherings may also have to take a backseat for a while.

But this doesn’t mean there is no way for you and your colleagues to connect despite the ongoing pandemic. There should be something worth celebrating and appreciating the employees’ efforts in the midst of this year’s chaos and uncertainty. Then again, there should be ways to connect without compromising everyone’s safety and health.

Holiday event ideas for companies

Looking for ideas to celebrate the holidays with your work colleagues? Hiring event rentals suppliers or corporate tent rentals may be possible depending on the kind of event you are planning. Then again, everyone should comply with health and safety precautions. Here are some holiday-inspired event ideas companies can organize for their employees.

Drive-thru Christmas lights

The Christmas festivities would not be complete without those shiny and sparkly holiday lights. You can hire event planners to organize the light displays in a specific location (ex. in a rented parking lot or even in someone’s backyard). Your guests can either walk around the Christmas light display (with physical distancing, of course). Or if the area is wide enough, you can plan a drive-thru lights display experience for the attendees.

Drive-in movie night

You can host a drive-in movie night for the employees and their families. You can also hire tent rentals suppliers to accommodate concessionaires for snacks and refreshments. You can also plan a mini-program before or after the movie proper. Say, an appreciation night for chosen employees or even raffle prizes for the attendees. And why not end the night with a bang (fireworks)? Surely this is one holiday night to remember.

Hold virtual parties

Plan a virtual Christmas party for your employees. Have everyone wear ugly sweaters or other themed outfits of choice. You can also hold a contest out of the themed outfits (ex. Ugliest Sweater Award receives a prize.) You can also come up with various activities such as wine nights or a virtual dinner potluck and share recipes or something.

Keeping the team connected

These are only some of the best ways to keep everyone the same amidst the uncertainty that is COVID-19. It is during this Holiday season where party tent rentals and other event supply businesses take off. But adjustments have to be made to ensure everyone’s health and safety. That said, other ways to keep the company connect despite the ongoing pandemic include the following.

  • Let the creativity flow during virtual meetings. Say, have some Zoom games like Pictionary or other fun games that the employees will surely have fun and learnings with.
  • Try pairing random people for some virtual chit-chat. It is one way to connect with different people, start a conversation, and gain new friends as well.
  • Make no excuse for learning despite the ongoing pandemic. Schedule webinars or talks to ensure constant learning opportunities for the employees.


COVID-19 has changed the world in the least and most unpleasant way imaginable. But what we can do in the meantime is to work our way around the uncertainty that is going on right now. There are still ways to connect with friends, colleagues, and loved ones even without physical contact. But soon, once this is all over, we can have such events again and celebrate events as we do before. In that case, you should contact reliable event rentals in MD.