The Sad Truth about Work From Home Burnout – And How to Avoid This From Happening

Various companies have chosen a work-from-home set up to keep their businesses running. At the same time, employees also get to keep their jobs in the middle of this pandemic. However, not all kinds of businesses are fortunate to continue operating during the COVID-19 crisis.

For one, the events and entertainment industries are among those hardly-hit by the pandemic. Various party rentals and staging and floor rentals businesses have to close down in the meantime. Even major events have to be postponed or canceled as well due to COVID-19.

The shift to remote working

A lot of people found themselves working at home. On the one hand, remote working is not a new thing anymore. On the other hand, it is a new thing for many people who are used to working in a corporate office setting. Some people may have even been shocked by how remote working works.

Back then, a lot of people would only dream of working at home. Imagine themselves wearing their pajamas while sipping their morning coffee in their home office. And then here we are, most likely working at home at this moment.

Some events suppliers like tent rentals or outdoor party rentals also opted for a work-at-home setup that is suitable for their business. After all, everyone is caught off guard with the pandemic. We have to adapt to unpleasant changes, whether we like it or not. And working at home comes with its pros and cons as well.

The truth about working at home

Most people would only dream of working in the comfort of their homes, and most people are already here in this situation. But a lot of people are not prepared for what they are about to experience as a remote worker. For one thing, it’s not always the stuff of dreams.

In reality, a lot of people actually experience burnout even while working at home. Instead of only focusing on work, people have to do other stuff at home like cooking for their families or taking care of the kids. Some even end up working beyond their usual hours in an attempt to maximize their working time at home.

However, the truth is that remote working may not be for everyone. Some may thrive in it, while others might feel stressed working at home. This can result to work at home burnouts.

A report from Glint said that work-related burnouts increased to more than double from March to April. People who have to balance domestic and work-life (ex. parents with children) are more at risk of experiencing burnouts. Until there is no solution to this pandemic, most of us would have to deal with remote working.

Preventing work-at-home burnout

What is happening right now is already stressful. We don’t know until when this pandemic will end. In the meantime, people have to stay at home and keep themselves safe and healthy. Unfortunately, working at home can also cause stress especially if you are not used to being cooped up in your house all day.

However, there are ways to alleviate the feeling of stress while on quarantine. For one thing, you have so much to be thankful for. You get to keep your job and earn money from it. You also have a roof to protect you and your family. Here are some tips to prevent work at home burnout.

Learn the ropes of working at home.

As mentioned, working at home is not for everyone. Corporate tent rentals owners might have a lot of adjustments to do. And so are other business owners and employees. There are also a lot of resources online on how you can transition to work at home more easily.

Stay connected.

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you won’t connect with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones anymore. Staying connected (despite the physical distancing) is important especially during these trying times. There are video conferencing apps like Zoom or other similar apps for work-related meetings. And there are social media to connect with friends and loved ones.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

Sometimes, setting too many expectations can lead to disappointments. Just do what you can do, but make sure to have time for yourself as well. Do some stretching from time to time, get some coffee or something. Remember, life is not only about working. It’s about learning and loving oneself.

You can do it!

We are now living in challenging times. There is no doubt how much this pandemic has affected various businesses. This includes various businesses like table and chair rentals and other event rentals in Northern VA. In the meantime, we should be thankful because we are safe in our homes. At the same time, we can only hope that this pandemic shall end soon.