Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Dance Floor

When you are planning a wedding, it would be great to consider staging and dance floor rentals. Nothing else could excite the crowd and get the energy rolling than a dance floor.

Before you choose a company to rent your stage and dance floor, there are a few important considerations to make. Think about it if the dance floor can fit into the space, where it must be placed, and more.

Not all wedding venues have a stage fitted in, and you might choose one that does not have it. if you are unaware of the considerations to make, this article is going to help you figure that out. Read until the end to learn more about what to consider.

Where Should the Dance Floor Go?

The main decision you need to make is where the dance floor should be placed in the venue. Will the reception be inside or outside? Do you want it to be at the center? Or close to the wall? If you want it outside, is there an appropriate flat surface where it can be placed.

You must decide on these things early on, and you should talk with the wedding planner/venue, or dance floor supplier. If you are planning the entire night outside, another layer should go underneath the dance floor so it becomes level.

Number of Guests

If you want to provide the right dance floor, you will need an idea of the number of guests you will have. The estimate is important and it varies, but it is mainly a good rule of thumb to assume that 40 to 50% of the guests will be on the dance floor anytime. Therefore, you need to know how many people are invited.

The guest should be used early on to mainly plan, but you need to wait until you have an accurate count close to the big day so you can finalize plans.

Dance Floor Lighting

Another factor you must consider when you rent a dance floor is how you are going to light it. This might impact where you are going to place it as well. If your venue is inside, you must place the dance floor under the lights so it is visible. If the venue is outside, you might want to consider renting lighting as well.

The Style

Every wedding is different, and not all of them are equal. The dance floor’s style should match your theme, and make sure to tie the overall aesthetic of your wedding day. While the floor plays a huge role at the reception, you do not want to put off an impression that it is an out-of-place backdrop that goes against the rest of everything.

With a wedding dance floor, you will need a lot of options, from wood, checkered, LED, lit-up squares, and a lot more. You need to keep in mind that you must consider your style first, and then your budget as well. A more sophisticated dance floor is more expensive.


You need to check your budget first before you get too attached to a specific floor. Couples with a tight budget can scale back their flooring needs or look for a material that gets the job done at a reasonable price. If you want a more expensive style, planning early is helpful when it comes to adjusting your budget so you can really achieve what makes your reception stand out.

Make sure to consider these when choosing a dance floor, and you can also contact party rentals Frederick for this.