Things To Remember Before Hiring The Tent Rental Company

There are several tent rental companies around which have dozens of different party tent styles. Whether it is any occasion like wedding, sports meet, party or corporate functions different varieties are available. But before making advance payment for your rental tent, there are some queries you need to resolve from the owner.

Since how much time the company has been in the market?

You definitely want to make a deal with the company which has been in the market since long time. The tent rental companies who are in the market since long time must be doing something right, this is the reason they are so successful in business. Try to go to the old companies, they not only have experience but have expertise over their jobs.

Is the tent clean?

Before you sign the contract with the rental company for their tent make sure that the tent they are handing you over is neat and tidy. If it is not, you have the right to ask them for cleaning them.

How well the tent is engineered?

When small tents are used, it is not of much big concern, but the bigger tent has to be engineered properly because there is a danger that they may catch fire or have some kind of scrutiny with the building. When you are renting a tent you may refer the IBC codes, which are especially recognized for tents.

Protecting the yard form damage at the time of installation

At the time of installation of tents, your yard may face a lot of damage. So, you need to take fewer precautions by discussing your terms and requirements with the tent rental company, before it arrives on the site for installation.

Terms for payment

Many of the time the rental companies asks for advance deposit of three fourth of the amount. This is because he is making sure that as you are holding on to the equipment’s of tent you are responsible for the damage. If you are not sure about the quality of work you will be getting from the company make sure you hand over the least proportion of the amount in advance and the rest you may hand over after the event.