Things To Think About When Renting Party Tents

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When you are having an outdoor event, it’s important that you have a party tent in place. If you don’t already own the unit, you don’t have to worry as you can rent it from your local party rentals. When renting, you need to think about plenty of things.

Things to think about when renting party tent

Style: This is important as it determines the look that you give to the people. As rule of thumb ensure that the tent matches your wedding style. If having a formal event, go with a formal tent and vice versa. Photographs are common in weddings. For beautiful photos, ensure that the tent you rent gives an appealing backdrop.

Positioning: Where you place the tent also has an impact on the impression you give. You should note that different tents are ideal for various applications. To rent the right units, take your time to visit the wedding area and identify any special requirements you might need. There are no complications involved with placing the tent on the leveled ground, but if you will be placing the unit on the uneven ground, you will have to install a floor. For superior comfort and weather protection, install a full floor.

Catering: Are you planning on serving food in the tent? If you are, you need to allow enough space for the caterers to prepare the food and serve. In some cases, you might be better off having a cook tent where the cooking will be happening. When having the party during inclement weather, go for a large tent as you have to think about the walkways. If you want a cook tent, get the input of the cooks on the right unit to go with.

Party layout: How are you planning the party? It’s common for the party to have different plans. For example, you will have the band stage, dance floor, gift table and many other areas. If you want all the areas inside one tent, you should rent one large tent but if you want the different areas in different tents, rent many small tents. When renting, ensure that they are large enough for the different roles.


These are some of the factors to consider when renting party tents. To get the most from the tents, ensure that they are of high quality. This calls for you to rent them from a reputable party supplies company.