Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors

Favors are an excellent way of showing your guests you appreciate their support which gives them something to remember about the wedding. However, most of the time, these tokens are left behind or tossed the next morning. If you want to make sure that your gifts are noticed by your guests, you should put a lot of thought into them.

Gone are those days when lucky people appreciate the presence of their guest’s presence by simply sending a thank you card. Today, wedding favors have become a thing. Aside from paying for the best party tent rentals, you also need to make sure your guests have memorable party favors to bring home. You can read on now to know more.

Be Practical

Similar to a good gift, you would want to put some thought into what you are choosing. Before dishing out cash for the monogrammed ornaments, you should think if it is something you want or not. You do not want a party favor that collects dust or would end up in the trash. That is why you should consider something that is edible or practical. Edible favors are a great option for guests to enjoy something at the reception or when they are on their way home. Some of the favorites include macarons, cake pops, and mini pies.


Your wedding theme does not only apply to the music, decoration, and seating. You must also make sure that it applies to smaller items on the list such as wedding favors.

Wedding favors differ based on the theme. In case the theme is heavy on the modern touch, you should make sure to include honey as a wedding favor like you are going to in a rustic-themed wedding.

They Should be Affordable

The price is a great factor that you should consider when choosing a wedding giveaway. You can set a budget and consider when you are choosing possible souvenirs. You should not go beyond it as much as possible. You should instead look for gifts that are practical, affordable, and meaningful.

Resist the Monogram

You should resist the urge to put your wedding date and initials on everything. You must personalize the favors, which makes it a great way to convert a useful gift into something that guests are going to pass on. For instance, guests who like to entertain would love to receive coasters, but no one wants to display coasters that feature your engagement photo. The only exception is the packaging because it is fine to put personal touches on bags, boxes, labels or ribbons. It will make the presentation pretty but it is not going to put off your guests.

You Should Try Them Out

Before you choose a wedding favor, you should sample them first. For instance, if you want to hand out something edible, you need to taste them first to see if they are really yummy. If you will give away cute baubles or mugs, you should check their durability before purchasing. Do not wait until your wedding day to check the wedding favors because it would be too late to return them.

They Should be Multifunctional

This means that they can be used as table decorations or nice name place cards. For instance, handwritten place cards with a small chocolate attached are simple but very effective wedding favor that will not be too expensive. This is something memorable and your guests will be able to appreciate the thought behind it.

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