Tips for Planning a Wedding Menu

You already have the outdoor party rentals, flowers, dresses, and a vision of your dream wedding. The truth is, you might have been thinking about it for many years. Now, you can make this all happen, but you should consider the meal of your guests.

For an event that is this big, it will not be easy to cater to everyone’s tastes. You and your future spouse might prefer sushi, while your grandmother likes steak and potatoes. Deciding on what food to serve at your wedding is only a part of the equation. After that, you should think of a buffet, appetizer schedule, sit-down dinner, and more.

Here are tips you should remember when you plan a wedding menu:

Fix Your Budget

You must know your meal budget before talking to a caterer. That does not mean you have to narrow it down to a perfect figure, but you need to outline how much you are willing to spend for each guest. After you have thought of that number, you should work with the caterer to build menus that will suit your budget. That might involve trimming, but a catering firm should be able to work within a budget. They have to provide creative alternatives if there is an expensive preferred dish.

Choose How You Want the Meal to be Served

There are five ways you serve the food: buffet, plated meals, serving stations, family style, or heavy appetizers that are served by the wait staff. When you are choosing a style, consider how it works within the available space and your event’s formality. Work with a wedding reception venue to determine which styles work best for a room layout and the wait staff. You must decide which of these is going to fit into your budget.

Use an Inspiration

If you are dreaming of a fall wedding, then you should consider getting inspiration from items like warm apple crumble, or butternut squash ravioli. If your wedding is in the summer, you have to take advantage of the local produce’s availability by stacking the menu with fruits and vegetables. Keep in mind that using seasonal and fresh ingredients can also enhance the flavor of any dish and it also helps contain catering costs.

Personalize the Menu

Everything from your dress to decorations talks about your style, so the food should also be taken care of. Incorporate some of the foods you like on the menu and explain why. If you and your spouse are into making mac and cheese over the weekend, include it in the dinner menu using a little card that will explain why.

You can make a roadmap for your relationship. Like if you fell in love with a dessert from Italy, then you can have that as part of the menu. Even the craft beer you drink together on special occasions can be on the menu. It is all about the food – whether each one will work with the catering style you want depends on your creativity and imagination.

  Food Tasting

Pay attention to the food tasting and consider if the food is at the right temperature. Do the presentation and quality meet your requirements? Do you love everything being served? Food tasting can be exciting and an enjoyable experience where you connect with your caterer and the food – it should resonate with you perfectly. If you have a full belly, you should feel exhilarated and confident. This means you should check off another important item on your wedding list.

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