Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding Menu

People know that among the most important elements of a wedding is the reception food. Aside from the outdoor party rentals, the fantastic catering will be well-remembered by your guests. Therefore, when you decide on the right wedding caterer and venue, the next thing you must do is determine the serving style. This might sound simple, there are some complexities to this.

Your decision with regards to serving the wedding style affects the flow, portions, timing, and guest portions for that day. Therefore, it is an important decision to make.

Read on.

Plated Dinner

This is a very traditional style of catering and probably one that your parents are familiar with. The reception room is normally made up of round tables, each having a guest seating of 8-10 people. They normally serve a three-course dinner that consists of an appetizer, entrée, and of course dessert. Sometimes, they serve a palette cleanser before serving the entrée.

Even if the choices are pre-determined by the wedding caterer, you still have some options when it comes to the meals being served. This depends on the venue, and the sit-down dinner is ideal for couples who want a tidy and traditional feel.

Choose Crowd-Pleasers

When choosing the menu, think about your guests and do not focus on that one guest who might be picky about their food. You should opt for crowd-pleasers or foods that you love. Even if it is great to serve some of your favorites, you also have to consider that it might not be ideal to impose it on everyone. For instance, if you are a vegetarian, do not choose only vegetarian dishes.


The venue should be roomy and the reception site should be large enough to accommodate all your guests. At first, the venue might seem huge, but the wedding essentials like tables, chairs, band setup, buffet setup, staging and dance floor rentals, and more take up a lot of space. You need to have elbow room for your guests.

Sometimes, estimates can be unreliable. The contingency is to look at the menu once you have it all set up. You must be sure that the guest list size is like yours so you can have an almost accurate estimate.

Do Not be Afraid to Break the Rules

Who says dinner should only have 3 courses? You can taste a menu with more, smaller dishes and has a wide range of variety. It could also be a meal that includes wine pairing together with each course. The food should only be about getting through before dancing because focusing on this makes the event more fun.

Consider Dietary Needs and Food Allergies

It is common that your guests will have two options for their plated meals. If you have a buffet or traditional sit-down dinner style, you should create a menu with several food items for your guests. If there is a guest with food sensitivity or allergy, talk to the caterer about offering them some options. You should include it in the note that they should talk to you about dietary requests.


This is very important because the food should look appetizing. Tell the caterer to be creative about the presentation and your idea of how you want the food to be presented.

Wedding rental packages MD will be able to cater to your needs when it comes to the food and everything else.