Tips On How To Keep Party Tents Safe

party tents

When you are having an outdoor event you need party tents. When having the event, the last thing that you want is people getting injured. To keep your guests safe you should observe a number of tent safety tips. These tips include:

Ensure that the party tent is properly installed

Tents collapse and injure people when they are improperly installed. This comes about when you hire unqualified people to install the tents for you. To avoid the tents falling on people you should hire experienced people to help you out. The best people to hire are those working in the party rentals.

Avoid bringing the BBQ inside the party tent

We all love roast meat but you shouldn’t bring it inside your tent. BBQ emits carbon monoxide which is fatal in enclosed areas. Since most of the tents don’t have windows, people in the tent can inhale high levels of the gas thus putting their lives in danger. If you want to cook inside the tent, you should install a fire pit. All you need to do is consult an expert who will help you install a unit with all the necessary ventilation systems thus protecting you and your loved ones.

Watch out  the party decorations

To make the event memorable you should decorate it. People use different event décor ideas. Some use lights, others party linens, and others hang balloons. The decorations that affect tents are party lights. To decorate the event it’s recommended that you hang lights of different colors on the walls of the tents but some people tend to go overboard. They hang too many lights thus overloading the tent. If the tent isn’t properly installed, it can collapse on the guests giving your party a bad look. While you should decorate your event, you should be moderate in doing it. If you aren’t sure of the number of lights that you should hang, ask an expert to help you out.

Avoid overfilling the party tent

Tents come in different sizes. There are small, medium and large tents. To cut on money, some people rent tents that are too small for their guests. When the guests are beyond the tent capacity, they compromise the safety of the tent and it can cause the tent to collapse. To avoid injuries you should ensure that the tent that you rent from the tent rentals is the right size for your guests.