Tips On How To Save Money When Renting Party Supplies

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While a party is a fun-filled occasion, it’s often expensive, and many people don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. To help you out, here are some of the things you can do to save money on the party rentals.

Tips on saving money when renting party supplies

Inspect before acceptance: Once you have visited the rental company and agreed on the supplies that you want, you should wait for them to be delivered to the party venue. When the company delivers them, you shouldn’t accept them without undertaking an inspection. Before you accept them, inspect them for cracks, chipping, and even dirt.

While some of the rental companies are insured, some of them will require you to pay for any damaged supplies that you send back. If you identify any damaged items, you should let the rental company know about it.

Have a great relationship with the caterer: If you will be making the food at the party venue, it’s paramount that you have a caterer. This is a professional who will prepare the meals and serve them to the guests. In most cases, caterers have their kitchen equipment.

To avoid spending more money hiring the equipment from the kitchen rentals, you should ask them to come with theirs. They might ask you to pay extra for them, but the amount will be lower than when you would rent from a different company.

Be on time: If you have worked with rental companies before you should know that most of them charge an extra amount when you don’t return the items on time. To save money, ensure that you return the items at the exact date that you agreed to.

If you are going to be late, for example, due to the party lasting longer than expected, you should let the rental company know about it beforehand, and you will most likely not be charged extra.

Take good care of the supplies: This is a no-brainer. As mentioned above, most of the rental companies will require you to pay for the damaged party supplies. This means that for you to avoid it, you need to take good care of the supplies and ensure that they don’t get damaged. When cleaning the glassware and plates, take care that they don’t break. When it comes to the linen, cover them so that they don’t get stained or burnt by the candles.


These are tips on how to save money when renting the supplies. To have the best experience, ensure that you rent the party tents, party chairs and any other supplies from a reputable company.