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Tips To Consider When Renting Party Supplies

When you are putting together a party, you need to hire party supplies as most likely won’t have all the supplies you need to make the party a success. When you are renting the supplies you need to consider these tips:

Rent according to your theme

To create a memorable impression, it’s recommended that you have a party theme in mind. The theme can be the beach, traditional, formal or any other. It’s up to you to settle on the one that will impress your guests. To maintain a uniform look, you should rent all your supplies of the same theme.

This calls for you to rent the supplies of the same color, designs, and even sizes. For example, when you are putting together a formal wedding party, you will need special china rentals, upscale decorations, high-quality table linens, among many other things.

Rent what you need

While you will have to rent some of the supplies, it doesn’t mean that you need to rent every party item. The chances are that there are some units that you already have or you can easily get. If you will be hiring a caterer in your party, you don’t need kitchen rentals as the caterer will most likely supply the equipment.

The things that you might need are: rental silverware, dishes, and glassware. To avoid wasting money on items that you don’t need, you should carefully go through the list of supplies and see the things that you have to rent and their numbers.

Start the process early enough

To have an easy time renting the units and putting together your party you need to launch the process early enough. Experts recommend that you initiate the process at least three months before the big day. When you start early, you will have time to visit different party rental companies and see the ones that have the supplies that meet your theme needs. As rule of thumb ensure that you work with a reputable company stocking high-quality equipment.


These are the tips you need to consider when renting the party equipment from the rental companies. To avoid surprises during the party day, you should make a detailed list of all the party essentials you need and tick them when you have them delivered. For peace of mind, ensure that the must-haves such as party tents, chairs, china, and tables are in place at least a week before the party day.