Party Tents Tips

party tents

As I have mentioned here on numerous occasions, you need party tents when having an outdoor event. When renting the units one of the most important factors you should consider is the weather.

Guide to renting the party tent while considering the weather

If you will be having your party during the hot summer days, you should rent tents with side walls. You should rent units with long side walls that not only increase airflow in the tent, but also create a more spacious appearance.

The fabric used in making the tent is of great importance. For a great experience, go with a unit made from a black material that will block plenty of ultraviolet rays. When you rent such a unit, you will be sure that it will lower the temperature inside the unit regardless of how hot it is outside.

When having a summer event, avoid a tent with a clear top as you create a greenhouse effect making the guests uncomfortable.

If you are expecting strong winds during the day, rent a clear span tent. In addition to the unit being secure in high wind conditions, it also has flaps that are quicker and easier to open. You can also easily close and secure the flap depending on the changing conditions.

To have peace of mind that the tent will hold the strong weather, rent it from a reputable party supplies company.

How to decorate the party tent

After you have rent the right tent, you need to decorate it to give your party a great look. If having your event at night, go for a tent with a clear top. This is to make it possible for the guests to see the stars thus giving your event a magical look.

According to party experts, plants and potted trees significantly improve the look of your event. They have also been shown to add warmth to your tent. You can use real trees or ask the party rentals to supply you with artificial ones that are as effective as the real ones.


These are the tips that you should consider when renting the party tent and how to properly decorate it so that you can give your party a great look. The tent rentals that you work with have a great impact on your experience; therefore, ensure that you work with the best ones. This way you are sure that you will get properly maintained units.