Types Of Party Tents You Can Rent From Party Rentals

party tents

When you are looking for party tents there are two main types of these tents in the market that you can go for: rope and frame tents:

Rope tents

Also known as rope and pole tents, these units rely on one or more central poles and a few peripheral poles for them to stand. When you are installing them, you don’t need to drive the poles to the ground—you need to hold them upright by tensioning a vinyl top over them.

You also need to tighten the tent fabric by securing the top of the tent using ropes, stakes, and ratchets.

When you are looking the tents from outside, they have a simple design and often less expensive to rent. This makes them an ideal choice when you are putting together an economy wedding, church, fairs, festivals, and any other event.

If you are having a high-end event, and you want to give it an elegant appeal, you should go for high peak tents. These have a more graceful appearance as they feature elegant peaks and fine sweeping lines.

When you are installing them, you should install them on grass, asphalt or any other stable surface. You should avoid installing them on the patio or deck.

Frame Tents

These are more versatile than the pole tents as you can install them on almost any surface. For you to install them, you need interlocking bars that you should join together forming a rigid freestanding metal structure, that will support the top of the tent.

You should attach the top and sidewalls to the metal framework forming an elegant enclosed area for you to have fun with your friends and relatives. You should note that when installing the tents, you may need to undertake to stake at the periphery.

When you are renting the units from the party rental companies, you should note that the tents are of two types: standard and clearspan tents. The difference between the two lies in the way in which you mount the fabric on your structure.

When you are dealing with the standard tent, you need to place the fabric on the metal framework simply, but when you are dealing with the clearspan unit, you need to attach the fabric to the designed grooves.


This is what you need to know about the main types of tents that you can go for. When renting the units, rent them from reputable wedding tent rentals or any other party supplies companies.