Utilizing Email Marketing for Your Upcoming Events

Email marketing is considered one of the most essential marketing tools ever. Even in the age of social media, a lot of companies still use email marketing to reach their target customers. It is also an effective way to attract potential event attendees whether in-person or virtual.

That means various events companies such as tent rentals and corporate tent rentals businesses. As we all know, the events industry has been greatly impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Good thing a lot of events organizers can find ways to resume business operations and reconnect with clients and audiences.

Facts about email marketing

If you have a party tent rentals or outdoor party rentals business or planning for an upcoming event, you should consider utilizing email marketing. Here are some important facts about email marketing you should take note.

  • Among challenges, email marketers face as of 2019 include lack of coordination between channels and departments, lack of essential data, and email service provider limitations.
  • More than 60 percent of marketers say that personalized messaging is strongly effective, followed by dedicated emails and e-newsletters.
  • Almost 50 percent of email marketers both outsource and in-house their email content.
  • About 80 percent of business experts believe that email marketing can help with customer retention.
  • In a survey reported by SaleCycle in 2018, almost 60 percent of the respondents reveal that one of their major purchasing decisions is through emails.
  • Email marketers reported as much as a 760 percent spike in revenue thanks to segmented campaigns.
  • The Radicati Group reported that more than 290 million personal and business emails were sent in 2019. It is also predicted to increase to more than 340 million by 2023.

How to utilize email marketing in promoting events

Take note of the last above-mentioned statistic. Imagine your email getting drowned by a sea of emails, millions of them that are sent daily. So, you might wonder how you can make your event emails stand out in the sea of emails? Here’s what you need to do.

Know the purpose.

Why are you sending the email to your target readers? If you are looking for a response from your sendees, make sure to put a call to action to it. For example, you should put a link that your sendees can click to buy a ticket to your event, or avail a free trial for an app. Much better if you put the call to action in a prominent spot on your email.

Think of the outcome.  

Just because you have already sent the email means that is it. However, it is just the start of your email campaign. There should also be an effective landing page along with the email content for better results. Also, make sure that the email content is both desktop/laptop and mobile-friendly. About 75 percent of mobile users in the US check their emails on their smartphones. More than 60 percent of mobile users do not return or refresh a website they have problems accessing.

Think of a non-spammy subject line.

Spam is so cliché, email readers are already tired of them. Seeing subject lines like “You’ve been selected, claim your prize here!” will most likely end up in the spam folder. Before sending out your email to your target readers, make sure to know the spam laws. And yes, make sure that you choose a subject line that will catch your readers’ attention (and read it).

Make it simple but straightforward.

Make the email personal but straight-to-the-point so that the readers will immediately know what it is for. It doesn’t matter whether you have tent rentals, staging and dance floor rentals, or any kinds of the events business.

When is the right time to send an email blast?

More than the content, it is also important to know when to send your event email. For one thing, the chances of your email getting clicked open depends on the day and time of the week.

Experts say that the best time to send an event email is during weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) between 7 to 9 AM. You can also send email blasts on Sunday evenings as there are a lot of people checking their emails on their phones before the start of the workweek.


There is no denying of the pandemic’s impact on all types of business, especially the events industry. Thankfully, a lot of businesses can get back on their feet despite the uncertainty that lies ahead.

The events industry is also able to find ways to resume operations, mostly virtually. For your upcoming event needs, you can contact event rentals in Northern VA.