Webinars: An Alternative Way for a Safe and Productive Event

Personal and career growth are two important things that we need to invest in as adults. As adults, we should already be responsible to take the necessary steps to improve ourselves – to be our own Version 2.0. There are many ways to improve especially our professional growth, such as attending seminars or conferences.

Companies can hold their own seminars or conferences for their employees. However, it takes good planning for it to be successful. For one, they may have to hire table and chair rentals and corporate tent rentals suppliers. Organizers should also invite speakers who can provide valuable insights related to their industry.

COVID-19 and its threat to the event industry  

Planning for events such as these require detailed planning. However, recent times have changed but not for the good, unfortunately. Just recently, the threat of the COVID-19 has greatly affected the events industry. In fact, a lot of music concerts, meet-and-greets and sports events ended up either postponed or canceled due to the outbreak.

Although the threat of COVID-19 virus has somehow waned, for now, a lot of event organizers still leaned on the safer side. Even popular celebrities are not exempted from such event postponement or cancellations. More so, small events involving crowd gathering ended up getting canceled or postponed as well.

If this continues, the events industry can suffer a lot. Those with tent rentals or staging and dance floor rentals might already feel the impact of the said virus to their business. Then again, the WHO and CDC have released ways on how organizers can still hold events although with certain limitations.

A safe event alternative

Fortunately, there are safer alternatives that event organizers can do as a precautionary measure. One of these alternatives is webinars, a type of seminar conducted via video conferencing software. Event organizers usually conduct lectures, presentations, or workshops through webinars. In fact, a lot of business owners do webinars for their employees, whether office-based or work-at-home.

In return, webinar attendees/participants should be able to learn tons of knowledge for their personal and professional enrichment. Webinars can also be recorded, live-streamed, share and receive documents and other valuable information. Webinars can be a more convenient and safe event to conduct for your attendees.

What to consider before organizing a webinar

The last thing you would want to do is to conduct a boring webinar. In fact, a lot of business owners produce webinars, not as a source of information but a way to generate customers. As a customer, one thing that can turn you off is people shoving their products or services right on people’s faces.

That said, how you will know if it’s the right decision to conduct a webinar. For one thing, it is not only because of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. It should be something that will benefit both your business and your participants. Here are things you need to consider before organizing a webinar.

Your topic

First of all, you need to decide what will be your subject matter. For example, you can conduct a webinar on how to successfully get clients as a home-based online worker. Or how you can improve your productivity and stay healthy as an office-based employee.

Your audience

Is the webinar intended for your employees or for potential clients? Regardless, you should conduct a webinar with your audience in mind.

Your format

Are you planning to conduct your own webinar with you as the main presenter? Do you want to hire other subject matter experts to help you with the online event? Are you catering to a small group or to a larger audience? You can also conduct an interview-style or a Q&A-style webinar where audiences can ask questions.

Your timing

Will the webinar coincide with an upcoming product or business launch to excite customers? Or you want to boost productivity because sales are down or other reasons? However, make sure to create content that will keep your audience hooked until the end.

Quick tips for creating webinars

A lot of companies can benefit a lot in webinars. Instead of hiring corporate tent rentals or event rentals, you can conduct life-changing webinars instead. Here are some quick tips if you are planning to conduct a webinar.

  • Keep it short. As much as possible, set your webinar in 60 minutes at most or your audience might already feel uneasy.
  • Invest on good quality video conference software and a good microphone.
  • Don’t let it be all about you or the business. Interact with your audience and answer their questions if they have one.
  • Schedule a webinar timeslot where all of the attendees will be available.

Through webinars, you don’t need to hire event rentals in Maryland or look for a venue. At the same time, conducting webinars can help you achieve your business objectives without stepping out of your office or home.