Wedding Party Supplies Checklist

wedding supplies

For you to pull off a successful wedding you need to have a great planning. You also need to have all the necessary wedding equipment. Things are now easy as you don’t have to buy the wedding equipment—you only need to rent from local party rentals. To help you out here is a checklist of the equipment that you need for your wedding party:

Rental furniture

Furniture serves as a decorative feature. It also ensures that the wedding guests are comfortable. Two of the most important pieces of furniture that you need are: Tables and chairs. You need plenty of tables for your party to be a hit. You need: Wedding party table, buffet table, gift table, cake table, drink station table and any other table that you might find necessary. Regardless of the table that you go for, ensure that it complements the theme of the wedding.

When it comes to wedding chairs, they should also complement the wedding theme. When renting chairs, pay attention to their numbers and comfort. If the guests will be sitting for long, go for cushioned chairs. To give your wedding a great look, ensure that the chairs are enough for all the guests.

Wedding decorations

A wedding should be beautiful and one of the ways of beautifying it is using decorations. Some of the decorations that you can go for are: Lights, Flowers, chair covers, and candles. The decorations that you use solely depend on the venue of the wedding. An outdoor wedding doesn’t require plenty of decorations as there is nature to take care of that. If you are having the wedding indoors, brace yourself for serious decoration.

Wedding tent

Years ago, 90% of marrying couples did church weddings. This is no longer the case. Most of the couples are opting for tent weddings. In addition to tents offering a relaxed environment, they also provide enough space to hold many guests. To rent a wedding tent you need to identify reputable wedding tent rentals in your area and pay them a visit. Wedding tents come in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs. It’s up to you to choose the one that complements your wedding. When renting, ensure that the tent is clean, well-maintained and of high quality. Also rent a tent that is large enough for all guests to comfortably sit in it.


These are a few of the wedding party supplies that you need for your wedding. To have a great experience rent from a reputable party rental company.