Wedding Tent Ideas: Things To Think About When Having A Tent Wedding

wedding tent ideas

More people than ever are considering having their weddings in a tent. The reason for this is because a tent wedding provides a relaxed environment. You also don’t need to install a lot of decorations. For the wedding to be a success you need to think about plenty of things that include:

The nature of the wedding tent

This depends on the wedding tent ideas you have. What type of tent are you interested in? Wedding tents come in different designs, colors, and shapes. It’s up to you to choose the one you want. To choose the right tent approach your local party rental company and explain your needs. Most of the reputable companies will guide you on the right unit that will fit your wedding theme.

The weather element

Even if having the event in summer, anything can go wrong. It can start raining. The wind can also get too strong. To keep your guests comfortable, you should prepare yourself for the eventuality. In addition to renting a large tent, you also should have other supplies in place. For example, to get rid of cold in the event it rains, rent a furnace. You also should rent fans to provide cool air in the event it gets too hot than anticipated.

Sitting arrangement

This is where the guests will be sitting. If you don’t have enough party chairs, you can always rent them from your local rental companies. The chairs you choose depend on the theme of your party. If having a simple beach wedding, simple wooden chairs are enough, but if having a large formal wedding, you need formal chairs with cushions.


While party tents don’t require a lot of decorations, it’s good to install minimal decorations. There are plenty of decorations you can go with. You can use balloons, lights, and any other units you might want. It’s up to you to choose the decorations that fit your party.

When installing the decorations, think about the flooring. Grass is always the cheapest option but if you don’t want the ladies heels to destroy it, cover it with wood flooring, Astroturf, or sisal carpet.


These are some of the things you need to think about when having a tent wedding. When renting the party supplies from the rental companies, make your reservations early enough. This is to avoid rushing thus ending up making mistakes.