Wedding Tent Rentals: All About Wedding Tents

Wedding tent rentals

If having an outdoor wedding, it’s always recommended that you have a wedding tent in place to serve as an alternative in the event of inclement weather.

Types of wedding tents

There are many types of party tents that you can go for. All you need to do is visit your local wedding tent rentals and place your order. The most common styles are:

Tapee: This is an informal unit that is built on a tripod arrangement of poles. Tapee features exposed beams and interior ropes that give it the casual look. Due to the way it looks, this tent isn’t the right one for you if having a formal wedding.

Indian tent: Also known as a Bedouin tent, this tent features an open pavilion or canopy design. The unit has walls and ceilings that are adorned with a wide range of drapes made from Indian or Moroccan fabrics. Experts recommend that you go for this tent when you are having an evening wedding party.

Framed wedding tent: The tent features strong metal frames that support the tent. It’s also common for the unit to have hard floors, structured walls, and windows. Since the party tent is large, you can divide it into different sections such as the dancing area, bar area, and even the dining area. Due to its size, this is the perfect tent for you when you are having a large wedding. When you are hosting many people, it’s common for the air in the tent to get stale. To keep your guests comfortable, you should rent heating or cooling units from the party rentals. As rule of thumb, ensure that the units are of high quality.

Tips to consider when renting wedding tents

For you to have a great experience with your wedding tents you need to rent the right ones. One of the most important things you should do is to rent a tent of the right size. The tent should also be of high quality. Most of the people working on a tight budget tend to choose their party supplies based on the lowest price. This shouldn’t be you. For you to have a great tent, you need to spend some money. You should scout around in your local area and find a reputable company where you can rent high-quality tents at low prices.

Finally, consider the tent rentals that you are working with. They should have easy-to-work-with people that will provide you with all the guidance you need to rent and install the tent of your choice.