Wedding Tent Safety Requirements You Must Know

Inclement weather might be in excessive cold and heat, snow, wind, and fog form. Therefore, clients should be able to recognize the issues that can come, and if necessary, they need to take proactive measures. The goal is that clients should rent wedding tent that is 30 feet wide and enjoy the experience.

Clients are aware that safety is the main concern when they host an outdoor event. If you are expecting inclement weather while the tent is being set up, make sure you identify what the safety tips are.

Kind of Tent

When you are planning, you have the option to choose from a classic canopy or multi-room wedding tent, or anything else in between. You can choose to have a single chamber, or you want to incorporate anterooms for your beautiful wedding cake and the dance floor or bar.

  • Push-pole tents – Tents come with a high center pole and shorter support poles series. The anchor ropes and stakes are in the design, and you must allow about 7 feet of the exterior and clear space.
  • Frame tents -These do not need interior poles or anchor ropes, which are ideal for smaller spaces, while some can be placed on impermeable or concrete surfaces.
  • Tension tents – These are like push-pole tents, but there are fewer poles, and they normally come in big sizes.
  • Canopies – They do not have sidewalls, anchor ropes, interior poles, but they rest on exterior legs and roof frame.

Avoid Overcrowding

Big outdoor events are an excellent way of bringing people together and they also enjoy fellowship and entertainment. It is important to collaborate with a great event planner and fire marshal. However, evacuating a tent is difficult if there is an emergency, especially if there is a big crowd.

You should designate exits clearly, and the evacuation, and crow control plans have to be set in place.

Tent Size

In order to calculate the tent size, you must know how many guests you will have. The tent rental company can assist you or you can do your own research. This tent size depends on how many people will attend, and consider the kind of meal that will be served, bar space, dance floor, restrooms, DJ, or band.

Ask About Emergency Circumstances

When you meet a wedding tent rental, you should know about the safety procedures you must follow if there is an emergency. If a fire starts or a lightning storm happens, clients should know how to evacuate and look for cover. It is just as important to find out how the chairs and tables can be protected.

Should You Choose Rectangular or Square

It is recommended that you get the squarest tent that your site can allow for these reasons:

  1. The guests will have more room to mingle, and everything will feel included in the significant parts of the event such as cake cutting.
  2. Wider tents are made with higher ceilings, and they look better while doing an excellent job of staying cool. For instance, a 40 x 60 tent has a higher ceiling compared to a 30 x 80 tent that comes from the same manufacturer. You should use a long and skinny tent if that is the only thing that fits your tent.

When you check out wedding tent rental packages Clarksburg, make sure to consider all of these things.