What You Need To Know About Inflatable Party Tents

party tents

If you are planning an event it’s always recommended that you have a party tent in place to provide your guests with a shade. Most of the people go for the regular tents but this shouldn’t be you. There are plenty of inflatable party tents in the market that you can go for.

Benefits of inflatable party tents

One of the benefits of the units is that you can use them for different occasions. You can use them when planning a family, business or any other event that you might be having. This is possible as they come in different designs and colors that are ideal for different occasions.

As mentioned, most of the people go for the regular tents. This means that the inflatable tents aren’t in high demand. The laws of demand and supply dictate that when a product isn’t in high demand its cost gets low. When you are renting the tents from party rentals, you get them at a low price as not many people are interested in them.

Unlike the regular tents that are complex to install, inflatable tents are easy to install as all you need to do is inflate and secure them to the ground. Most of the tent rentals help you to inflate and install the tents for you; therefore, you don’t have to worry of how to install them.

Inflatable tent options

As mentioned, inflatable tents come in different designs, sizes and colors thus you have many options to go with. The options that you have include:

Marquee tent: Marquee tents are known for their modern designs, ease of use, and plenty of space for guests. They are often used in weddings but you can also use them on other occasions.

Cube shaped tents: They are ideal for weddings, exhibitions, and promotions. In addition to the unique shape, many people love this tent as it’s easy to decorate it. You can decorate the tent using flowers or any other of your preferred decoration methods.

Igloo tent: An igloo tent is small thus ideal for a small event. It’s made from PVC tarpaulin which is waterproof, fire and UV resistant. This ensures that your guests are as comfortable as possible. You can decorate the tent using the trellis, floral globes, paper lanterns, or woven bamboo spheres.


This is what you need to know about inflatable tents. As rule of thumb ensure that you rent from a company renting high-quality party supplies.