What You Need to Know About Planning for Marketing Events

The world of business can be a battlefield. There will be at least one that offers similar products or services as the other. It can be a challenge to make your products stand out from your competitors. One way is to plan an event that will create a buzz among the public.

Planning a major marketing event requires attention to detail. For one, you may have to hire a professional table and chair rentals company for your guests. Hiring a staging and dance floor rentals supplier may also be necessary depending on the event type. That said, planning for marketing events takes months of preparation to ensure its success.

Types of marketing events

Most brands hold events as part of their marketing plan. For one, it can be an engaging way to introduce a new product or service to the public. Marketing events can also be held indoors or outdoors.

If you choose the latter, you should consider hiring an event rentals company. Choosing the best suppliers is just one thing. Planning for a major marketing event is another. Here are common types of marketing events that companies hold to achieve their business objectives.

Product launch

This type of event is usually held to introduce a new product or service to the public. Product launches may involve other promotions such as:

Product launches can also be a private event. Meaning, only a handful, and selected guests are invited on the said event. Then again, it depends on the product or service that is being launched. Some companies even invite popular hosts and celebrities to give life to the event.

Sponsorship Events

It depends on your objective. For example, holding a charity event is a good way to create branding and help others at the same time. You can also sponsor for a major school event like fairs or sports games. Sponsorship events give you an opportunity to establish your brand among event goers in a subtle way.

Job Fairs

Job fairs focus more on looking for potential employees than promoting products and service. You may also promote employee benefits when an applicant chooses your company. It is important to apply marketing principles to attract these job seekers to apply to your company and not the competitor.

Trade Fairs

Like job fairs, trade fairs are composed of different companies offering their respective products and services among visitors. There are manufacturing trade fairs, food fairs, health and fitness fairs, and so on. Trade fairs are also an effective way to scout your competitors.


Workshops do not focus on promoting the company. Rather, it aims to share industry knowledge to the participants. It does not make the company look salesy. That said, it can make the company appear credible in the industry.

Seminars or Conferences

Seminars and conferences may have similar objectives as workshops. However, the former are considered formal events than the latter. The company’s products may also be involved with the former. Refreshments and snacks are also included during conferences and seminars.

Before the event

Prior to the event, it is important to consider the following in planning for the marketing event:

  • Setting your event goals and objectives
  • Setting the event budget (including the target number of attendees)
  • Prepare a checklist of requirements (manpower, venue, suppliers, program flow, etc.)
  • Finding suppliers (corporate tent rentals, outdoor party rentals, catering services, entertainment, etc.)
  • Event promotion (online, banners, tarpaulins, etc.)

During the event

Here are some things you should take note of while the event is ongoing:

  • Utilize Facebook Live and IG stories
  • Real-time updates on social media channels
  • Live streaming on the company website (if possible)
  • E-mail / SMS blast
  • Photo and video activities


The event should not end after the egress and everyone has already packed up. As the event organizer, you should do the following:

  • Don’t forget to thank the suppliers and visitors
  • Consolidate photos and videos for reporting and posting
  • Conduct event surveys as part of post-event report
  • Determine problems encountered during the event as part of areas for improvement

Companies have to work hard to keep their presence felt by their customers all the time. One way to achieve their business goals is by conducting marketing events. This will help create a buzz among their target customers. Companies may also have to hire a professional tent rentals supplier to ensure the event’s success.

If you need a reliable event supplier, you should contact a professional event rentals in MD or elsewhere near you.