What You Need to Know in Planning for an Auction

Organizing a charity event may not be as easy as it seems. Planning and organizing for one may be similar to planning other events. However, the major difference is that the event itself is not really focused on you and your business. Rather, it should be all about the beneficiary and the event’s main cause.

Nevertheless, organizing a charity event – or any event for that matter – should be planned accordingly. You should look for professional event rentals suppliers, table and chair rentals for your guests, or corporate tent rentals suppliers if you are organizing the event on behalf of your company.

An event for a good cause

All types of events are organized with specific objectives in mind. Some events are created to generate brand awareness and profit. On the other hand, there are also some events that are created for a good cause. One such event is a charity auction.

An auction event can be an exciting, fun, and worthwhile way to generate funds and achieve your event objectives. As mentioned, the difference is that the fund collected in such an event will be turned over to a beneficiary instead of your company. Not only business owners can organize such events but also ordinary people as well.

For starters, an auction is a popular type of fundraising event wherein there are products that are sold based on the highest price set by a bidder. Anyone can organize an auction event, but the objective is mostly to focus on a good cause rather than for business purposes.

Auctions can be done online or held in a specific venue. For the latter, you might want to hire an event rentals supplier for your auction event. Meanwhile, you might also need help in setting up an online auction and making sure you achieve your event objectives and goals.

Types of auctions

As mentioned, there are different types of auctions that you can organize. Usually, each item will start at the lowest price, and then the participants will bid for the highest price. The person who bids for the highest price after no one calls for another higher bid gets the said item. These are the following types of auction that you can try.

Live auction

This is one of the most popular types of auctions. It is usually held in an indoor venue and attended by various participants. The participants call their desired bid amounts to the auctioneer or use paddles to set their bids.

Online auction

Unlike a live auction, anyone from all over the world can participate and bid in an online auction. You can browse through the items you want and then place your bid on the website.

Silent auction

This one usually takes place through a bidding app that is available on mobile. Bidding can also be done by writing your bid price next to a specific item.

Planning for an auction event

Like planning for any other event, it is important to plan an auction event carefully as well. Here are the important things you need to consider in planning an auction.

Set your goals.

First of all, you need to determine why you are planning an auction event in the first place. What type of auction would you organize? Who will you invite as auction participants? What will be the auction for (ex. a fundraiser for a sick person who needs treatment or for other charitable causes) and what kind of items are you planning to sell?

Form an “auction team”.

They should be the one to take care of the logistics, looking for corporate tent rentals, venue, and everything that are needed for the event. They should also be responsible for choosing and purchasing the items that will be auctioned off. It might also be a good idea to look for sponsors and make sure that the event will be spread across your target participants.

Promote the event.

Share the news through social media, word of mouth, and other ways that you think is effective. If it’s a live auction, make sure that everything is set including the table and chair rentals, the items for auction, and the other auction event essentials.


All events require careful planning. There are also types of events that do not only focus on gaining profit for the individual or an organization. Rather, some events are made for good causes, and these are something that we need to support.

Auctions can be a fun yet meaningful event as well, so make sure to plan ahead. For your event needs, you should hire a reputable company that offers staging and dance floor rentals in MD and other event essentials. Contact one today!