Where to Begin in Planning a Wedding Party

The first thing you have to remember is that wedding planning can be overwhelming. As couples normally hire a wedding planner to help manage their special day, there are many reasons why they might choose to handle most of the responsibilities without the help of another. Maybe you already looked at wedding rental packages and have made up your mind because you have a budget, and you love the DIY possibilities that might come up. There are plenty of extra details to handle, but you can plan your wedding without asking a professional’s help.

The main thing you have to think about is being organized so stay on track of everything once you have to face decisions, deadlines, lists, and everyday life.

Here’s where you can start:

Set Your Budget and Stick to it

The budget of your wedding is the main factor that drives a lot of decisions you have to make, so you must tackle this first. If anyone wants to contribute, talk about what they are comfortable with. If you will pay for all of it on your own, you need to check your finances thoroughly. You should be prepared for a reality check when you are budgeting for your wedding day.

Set the Date

You must have dreamed of having a spring wedding or you have decided that you want to get married on your anniversary. It could also be that the chosen day might be very soon, and it is within the next few months. No matter when it is, you should ask your families about potential conflicts prior to setting the date. Keep in mind that, since summer and fall are in demand for weddings, you might need to contact venues early or be flexible with the date.

The Tone of Your Wedding

This is when you decide if you will have a formal wedding, themed wedding, or only a casual affair. This is also a time for you to decide if you want a religious or secular ceremony. In other words, you should have time to decide how you want your wedding to feel. A good way to start is to talk to your partner and write about your wedding vision. From the adjectives you both used in your writing, you can make that your starting point. This can surely help you get started.


You can do this by using checklists, word excel, spreadsheet, or other document software as long as it helps you gather your thoughts, numbers, budget, and more in one place. You will also find some excellent online apps and tools that will help you organize.

Your Guest Count

For sure you want to invite everyone like your cousin, friend, and co-worker to your wedding, but that is not realistic. You can ask your partner and immediate family members about the people they want to invite and come up with a guest count, but this is still tentative. When you already have an idea of how many guests you want to have, you can start looking at venues.

The Theme

Whether it is the wedding colors, style or seasonal inspiration, or even an actual theme, sometimes you can choose a concept that helps you design your wedding. After you already have an idea of the aesthetics you want, you can already make decisions and make everything look cohesive in general.

You just want everything to come together on your wedding day and it should be an unforgettable one because you are marrying the love of your life. You can contact wedding tent rentals Clarksburg if you want an outdoor wedding.