11 Commonly Missed Wedding Rentals

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming because of the many details you need to track. Failing to get all the event rentals you require for your wedding will increase the cost. It’s therefore important to ensure that you get all the items you need for the big day. You need to plan and organize keenly to prevent last minute rush. In this article, we look at some of the party rentals that most people overlook when planning their wedding.

Commonly missed wedding rentals

Its important to have a wedding checklist of the rentals you need. Most people get tent rentals, staging and dance floor rentals, chairs, and tables but forget the below items

  • Trash Cans

It’s important to have trash cans so that your guest don’t walk far away to throw away trash. Trash cans make it easier to clear and keep the venue clutter free. Look for wedding rental packages that contain extra items.

  • Extra tables

You need to get extra tables for the gifts, appetizers, cocktails and dessert tables. You also need to get tables for the cake, family photos, and guest signing book. You also need to make sure that all the guest are comfortable and it’s, therefore, important to order extra tables in case you have more guest than expected.

  • Linen and napkins

Make sure you have linen for your tables. Get chair covers, napkins and table runners that bring out your theme. Get enough linens for all the tables. The party rentals expert will guide you on the linens that will work for your chairs and tables.

  • Extra tableware

Items such as salt, pepper shakers, breadbaskets, butter plates, knives, dessert plates, trays, stands are easily forgotten. Add plates for extra serving. Make sure that the outdoor party rentals package you choose contains all the tableware you will need for your wedding.

  • Heater and Fans

If you are holding your wedding during the summer, you may need fans to keep your guest comfortable. Consider having heaters if the wedding runs into the night to cater to the low temperatures at night. Fans and heaters will ensure that your guest will be comfortable during the day and night. Make sure that you have a system to keep the guest comfortable in the cold and when the temperatures are high.

  • Bar Ware

If you are holding an evening party make sure you have enough glasses for your guest. If you are serving tea or coffee make sure you have enough cups. Have enough glasses for cocktails, beer, and wine. You may also need champagne glasses for toasting.

  • Cake Accessories

Don’t forget the accessories that you will need to cut the cake. Most people remember the accessories when its time to cut the cake. To avoid forgetting the cake accessories it’s best to get wedding rental packages that come with all the items you may need for that day.

  • Bridal Party Chairs

When determining the number of people expected at the wedding most people forget to include the bridal party in that calculation. Make sure you have the right number of people expected to attend your wedding and get the right number of chairs.

  • Lighting

Lighting will add ambiance to your event. Make sure that every section has lighting.Lighting will give your wedding the right mood especially in the evening.

  • Have a game plan for the kids

Make sure that you have an area where the kids can have fun. Kids may not stay still during the whole ceremony and its best to have an area designated for kids. Get games that would interest most of the children. You can get coloring books for smaller kids and other games for older children.

  • Desert Essentials

If you are offering your guest desserts, make sure that your guest gets to enjoy the deserts. Make sure you have cutlery for the deserts.

It’s important to remember the above items before the wedding because that will make your wedding more successful. You need to pay attention to detail and ensure you don’t leave out any item that may cost you more. Work with wedding tent rentals company with a variety of items and choose the right package that suits your wedding day. Select the wedding tent rental packages that has unique and a variety of items.