4 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Items from a Wedding Rental Company

Working with event rental companies for the first time can be a daunting experience. Whether it’s party rentals, wedding rentals or corporate events rentals, you need to know where to begin and the questions to ask to ensure you work with the right company. You need to choose the vendor you can trust and have confidence in, that your event will go on without any hitch. In this post, we tell you the important question you should ask to help you gauge the vendor’s ability to host your event.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring  Items from a Rental Company

  • Do you have a showroom showcasing your products?

The first question you should ask is where the showroom is located and whether you can visit to see what they have to offer. The showroom will give an idea of what the rental company offers and whether they have what you need. When you visit the showroom, you gauge the following;

Whether they are service oriented.

You will know this by gauging how keen the company representatives are to what you need. Are they interested in your event? You want the rental company that you deal with to be excited to be part of your event and to have ideas or options to make your event better.

Gauge how well their tents and chairs are maintained.

If you are looking for wedding tent rentals you want the tent to be clean and well kept. You don’t want to host a party with worn out party rentals. When you visit the showroom look at their tents and chairs and see how to look.

Establish who the contact person is, and seek to establish a relationship.

You should be able to strike a chord with the contact person because that is the person you have to deal with as you plan your event.

Get to See photos of recent work

Visiting the showroom will give you an opportunity to scout through the album of the company and get to see their recent work. You will also get references from people they have worked with before and you can confirm whether the company is ok if you contact their previous clients. Seeing their work will help you see the wedding tent ideas that can you can get from the company.

  • What are the Terms of Renting?

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you have read the contract terms and understood what is expected of you. Make sure you understand the following

Payment terms

Confirm what is included in the total cost. Do you require to pay a deposit and what happens when a chair or a table breaks? Is the staging and dance floor rentals included in the payment? Confirm whether they are any overtime fees should the event take longer. Confirm whether the quotation you have been given covers the delivery, setup, late pick up and early drops and any other additional fees. Make sure you ask all the questions concerning payment.

Termination and refund policy.

Every company has a different cancellation policy. Make sure you understand this to avoid any surprises later.

Confirm whether delivery charges are included

Given the ever-rising cost of gas, some companies charge for delivery separately and its important that you confirm this beforehand.

  • How Long Does it take You to Set up?

You need to know how long it will take the company to set up and whether they will agree to do the set up the previous day. If you are looking to rent wedding tents, it’s better to have them at the wedding venue a day before. Make sure that the setup and disabling time will work for your event.

  • Do you work with Brides to Help Them Create the Perfect Décor for their Wedding?

If it’s your first time to deal with events company, you need to confirm whether they will give you ideas on how to create the perfect wedding. Work with a company that is willing to give you ideas you can incorporate. Find out how much effort the company is willing to put towards your event. Do they have vendors they can recommend who can assist in other parts of the wedding?

It’s imperative that you ask all the necessary questions before you hire a rental company. Whether its wedding tent rental packages or corporate tent rentals make sure that you have done research and proper due diligence before you sign that contract with the rental company.