How to Choose Party Tent Rentals

If you are contemplating hosting a party, be it graduation, engagement or a birthday party, you need to rent a tent to create a comfortable and perfect environment. The party tent rentals Northern Virginia you choose should be able to accommodate the number of guests you expect at your event. In this article, we look at how to choose the right tents for your event to ensure that your event becomes a success.

Types of Tent Rentals

Tent rentals are not the same size and it’s therefore important that you choose the one that will work for you.

  • Pole Tents

A pole tent uses stakes that are stuck to the ground and ties attached to them to support the tent. Pole tents are designed for use in an area that has grass or ground that the stakes can stick into.

  • Frame events Tents

Frame tents are free standing and can be used on any ground as they don’t use any stakes or poles creating more space under the tents.

  • Century events Tents

They are ideal if you have a huge gathering, they offer a high ceiling with sweeping curves. They come with additional pieces for the end, middle and the center and that will enable you to transform your tent rental to one that suits your need.

  • Clear Wedding Tents

Clear tents allow creates a more open look, giving an appearance that there is more space. Clear tents allow the guest to see outdoor but still provides coverage.

  • Wedding Canopy Rentals

Canopy wedding tents will help your area look larger and open up space. Some of the canopy tents have an opening in the ceiling and you can see the sky.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tent Rentals

Below some factors to consider when you rent party tents

  • Surface for the event

Before you choose the kind of tent to use, you need to consider the surface on which the tent will be placed. Whether it’s on grass, concrete, or carpet will determine the kind of tent to use. Some tent rentals such as pole tents cannot be used on concrete grounds. Determine the ground on which your event will take place.

  • Number of People Expected

How many people do you expect at the event? The number of people you expect at the party will determine the size of the tent to rent. If you expect a huge number of people, then you need to get a tent that people will fit in. Speak to the wedding tent rental company and get advice on the best tent for the number of people you expect.

  • Items under the Tent

The tent you choose has enough space for chair and table rentals, dance floor and table for food and other items. It’s therefore important that you determine the number of chairs and tables that need to be under the tents. If your event requires a high number of tables, you may need to hire a large tent. The guest seating arrangement will determine the number of tents will require. Make sure that every item will fit in the tent by considering all the aspects.

  • Your Budget

It’s important to consider the budget set for tent rentals and ensure the tent you get is within the set budget. Pole tents are cheaper to rent as compared to other type of tents, but they require more space. Consider your budget and choose the tents that are right for your budget.

  • Your Style

If you already have the décor style you want, you need to let the tent rental company know what you have in mind and they will advise you on the type of tent to use. Frame tents have a lot of places where you can attach décor materials. Discuss your expectations with the experts and agree on which tent rental will work for you.

Choose a tent that will ensure the safety and comfort of your guest. Make sure the party tent rentals you choose caters for the guest, food and any other equipment that need to be under the tent. Work with a tent rental company that have a variety of tents and have the experts to advise you on the best tent rental for your event.