5 Great Wedding Tent Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable 

wedding tent ideas

If you are a modern couple, you have every reason to hold your wedding in a tent. Party tents not only provide enough space needed but can also be changed into a unique shelter that matches your wedding theme. Choosing the best tent can be challenging especially if you do not know what to look for. To help you out, here are 5 wedding tent ideas that you can go with:

Pole party tents

These types of wedding tents are cheap and also easy to assemble. When you rent one you can prop it up within a few minutes. They are supported by poles tied down on pegs and require a large space to set up. If you are looking for a cheap, simple tent, then pole tents are the best to go for.

Clear span tents

From their name, clear span tents do not have center poles. If you are looking forward to a large event, they are the best, since you can spread them even up to 160 meters feet. They are usually supported by aluminum thus require you to hire a professional from a party rental to help you with the setup.

Frame rental tents

The good thing about frame tents is that they resemble a house complete with doors and windows. If you need an elegant shelter, then they are the most appropriate. Since these tents are supported by a metal frame, you do not need ropes to tie them down.  They do not have interior poles hence have more space for dining, dancing, and any other wedding activity. If you have a limited space and still want to accommodate many guests, they are a great option.

Tension party tents

These special tents are supported by ropes that are tied around a perimeter. To provide a large interior space, they are usually propped very high. If you are planning a high-end or an expensive wedding then they are the perfect tents.

Marquee tents

Also known as canopy tents, these wedding tents are meant for a small intimate wedding to provide a little privacy. Also, they are ideal if you are planning to hold your wedding in a place where you cannot be affected much by the weather. Compared to other tents, they are the least expensive.


These are the top 5 wedding tents ideas. When renting them you should consider the number of guests attending the event, the size of the event venue, and your budget. To rent high-quality units rent from reputable tent rentals.