Guide To Dealing With Party Rentals

party rentals

When you are throwing a party, you don’t have to buy the party supplies such as party chairs, tables, and kitchen equipment—you simply need to rent them from party rentals. For you to have a great experience when dealing with the rental companies you need to consider these tips:

Always shop around for the best party rental company

While there are many rental companies, no two companies are the same. Different companies have different supplies. They also charge different prices for the supplies. When making the purchase take your time to shop around for the rental company stocking the right quality of supplies that you are interested in. The company that you settle on should also charge a reasonable fee for the supplies.

Most people lack enough time to shop around as they plan their events in a hurry. To put together a perfect party you should start the preparations early enough. Professional party planners recommend that start your party planning 3 months before the big day.

Put everything you agree on with the party rental in writing

It’s common for people to make oral agreements but these aren’t good enough. To make the agreement binding you should put it in writing. You should write the prices that you agree on, the items that you are interested in and the return policy. When it comes to the return policy, you should agree on how you will return the items. Some companies will allow you to return the items the following day while others will require you to return them the same day.

You should also agree on what will happen in the event the party tables or anything else gets damaged. Some of the rental companies are insured thus won’t have a problem with the supplies getting damaged. Most of the uninsured companies will require you to repair the damaged items or replace them.  As you must have guessed, you should go with an insured company stocking high-quality items.

Even with the best party planning measures in place, you can’t ignore the possibility of canceling the party due to unavoidable circumstances. You should discuss the cancellation policy with the company and agree on the amount of money that you will be charged for canceling or rescheduling the event.


These are the tips that you should put into consideration when renting from party rental companies. Whether you are renting party tents or any other things, ensure that they are of high quality.