5 Outdoor Event Planning Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Outdoor events have their own luxury. You can hire party tent rentals, especially for outdoor events so that everyone is in the shade and enjoy the event. Outdoor events can be as small as a family picnic or as big as a wedding. Here are a few outdoor planning mistakes to avoid.

Wrong Budgeting

Budgeting is important for any event to take place. Running low on budget can cause serious problems and it won’t let your event to carry out as you had planned in your head. You must go to party tent rentals provider and ask about their packages and check if they fall within your budget. You need to make sure to set a budget before you carry out an event. Some events can even be carried out in your backyard which is much more in the budget than renting out a venue given that your backyard accommodates the guests easily. Especially if it’s a birthday party then you can easily have it in your own house with minor party rentals and music setup. Otherwise, you need to consider the venue rents and add them to your budget.

Not Being Aware of the Weather

The whole point of having an outdoor event is to get out of the indoor environment and enjoy the fresh air out in the beautiful sky but what if that’s not the case. The weather can act up in many strange ways and it can ruin the event. Rainy, dull or windy weather can make their case and cost you your outdoor event. Make sure to check the weather forecast of the day and the season you are planning the event and be flexible in choosing a different day. A postponed event is much better than a ruined one. Choose a day where the sun is out, and the weather conditions are good with cool breezes blowing. Good weather will also play a role in your guests’ mood making them enjoy more.

Wrong Food

Food is one thing that remains embedded in the minds of the guests. Serving fresh food is important for you to your guests and you can even have a live barbeque or cooking session in front of guests to come and get their food. Backyard barbeque parties are a great example of live cooking. However, if you don’t choose the menu you are serving according to the weather, it may get spoilt or melt. Dairy items like cheese, milk, and butter are examples of food that can be spoilt as well as salmon and fish. Also, you need to consider the season in accordance with the food like ice cream in the summer season and hot chocolate in winters. In many events, the dinner is served indoors but if you choose to serve outdoors then choose the menu that doesn’t get spoiled and looks good enough to eat rather than a gag.

Wrong Venue for Choosing

An outdoor event is defined by the venue. If the venue is not right, your whole event is going downhill regardless of how good the preparation is and how much you have spent on party rentals. You can’t have an office conference in a public place or a noisy place. They are needed to be in peace and quiet rather than in a public park or in your backyard. The same is the case with an outdoor wedding where you have to choose the perfect place that reflects your relationship. The right venue is the key that leads to a successful event.


When you have set the budget and all the planning is done then it’s time to implement them. People tend to procrastinate and wait for the eleventh hour to hit and then start panicking. This causes the sudden urge to do everything in a short amount of time which usually results in things being forgotten and ignored. This panic doesn’t let your event be as good as you planned it two weeks ago. Start making arrangements, hire the party rent rentals at least a week prior to the event. This will help you prepare and having a backup too in case anything goes wrong. Start early so nothing can be left out.

For a successful event, party arrangements made by party rental services are important so don’t forget to hire them.