How To Prepare A Wedding Guest List

One of the crucial parts of wedding planning is the guest list. How do you invite all of the people closest to you to share this joyous day without going overboard? You plan this early so you can plan arrangements with tent rentals easily. Here are some easy tips which will help you formulate the perfect wedding guest list.

Make A Rough Estimate

The best way to get started on making a wedding guest list is to scribble down every single person you know in your life you want to invite. Now, this is not the final list, this will be downsized, a lot. You just want to include everyone in your list, so you don’t forget anyone and when the time comes to filter the list out, you can see the people you really want to invite to your wedding.

Filter Out The Big List

Now comes the hard but important part. You can’t possibly invite all of the people on your master list. You need to downsize this list to include all of the people who you know you have to invite at your wedding. If you end up inviting all of the people, then you better be prepared for a bigger venue and an even bigger wedding budget. Therefore, it’s best to play it smart than be emotional about it. Invite people wisely and and address wedding invitations properly.

Keep The Distant Relatives In Mind

When filtering out the list, keep the distant relatives in mind which are residing outside the city or country and you only get to meet them on special occasions. This is the time when you should reach out and invite them to your wedding. This goes both ways, for the bride as well as the groom. You both will need to sit down and do a lot of planning on who to invite and who are those best guests that you need to invite at any cost.

When you both sit together and go through the list, the process will be much quicker, easier and you will narrow down the list in no time at all.

Filter Out Your Friend Group

When inviting your friends, try not to invite all of the people. Think of all your close knitted friends who were there for you during all the hustle and bustle of life. Those are the worthy candidates you need to give a shout out to at your wedding. Don’t bother inviting acquaintances and distant friends with whom you’ve gone to no more than 2 lunches. This is your wedding and it needs to have guests which hold a lot of importance in your life.

Keep Both Parties Involved

This is the last thing you want to do. Don’t leave out your significant other’s family and distant relatives in your wedding guest list. You need to have both of the teams involved in order to prevent any scuffle or misunderstanding from happening. So, this is why it’s best if you both sit together and decide who you want to invite to your wedding. It’s going to be a breeze of a process and you both will have things sorted out in no time.

Just make sure that you both are not going overboard with the invitations otherwise the wedding day will turn into more of a cramped disaster than anything.

Kids Or No Kids?

When it comes to inviting people with kids, make sure that you have an age limit set. It’s not a good idea or the right occasion for a toddler or a newborn infant. The minimum age limit of kids being invited to your wedding can be set by you and your significant other, but the best age range is 12 to 14 years. These kids will not cause any trouble and they will be much easier to handle than tantrum inducing toddlers and crying newborn babies.


The last thing you want is to have a cramped wedding with a lot of people, you going over budget, and things turning out to be a big disaster. These easy tips will help you a lot in inviting the right amount of people without excluding anyone. When you have made the list, check out wedding tent rental packages MD and plan things accordingly.