8 Tips To Setup Your Wedding Decor

Couples want their wedding to be very unique and different from other and wedding party rentals are there to work according to your desires. However, if you are still confused about the setup of your wedding then below are some amazing tips to set up your wedding décor.

Hire Professionals

With all the money you spend on wedding party rentals, hiring a professional to get their help shouldn’t be a problem. There is a lot of stuff that wedding planners can handle especially all the headaches that can be the decoration of your wedding. Your wedding has to look perfect and what other way to do it than decorating it with flowers and lighting. Professionals have experience in these situations. They can work fast and getting their help will definitely add a plus point to the whole décor.

Ceiling Drapes

Ceiling drapes have been popular for a very long time. The draping cloth from the ceiling looks simple yet elegant and adds more beauty to the venue. Some wedding tent rental packages may also include these fabrics, so you must ask them for an appropriate one. It is recommended to use a color that matches the theme (if any) in the wedding otherwise go for white or bright colors and make sure that the tablecloths matches or is in contrast with the draping.

Adding Candles

Making a special occasion more romantic can be done by adding candles over the tables. It is a good rural touch to your wedding, and it is a hundred percent doable because candles are cheap, and it won’t bother you between the expenses of wedding party rentals. A fancy candle stand is important too so be careful about that too.

Go for a Test Drive

Wedding décor isn’t something to be taken lightly and it should be done with perfection. If you are confused on whether the decoration will actually look good or not then you can definitely take a test drive which means have different decorations set up for a small area and take photos of each of them. Now compare all of them and choose the one that looks the best. Be open to suggestions and ask around you are confused between two. This is the best way to make your decoration work according to your tastes.

Hanging Flowers

Another beautiful and creative way to décor your wedding is to hang some flower baskets above the dinner tables of your guests. This is a way to increase the lushness to your wedding and guests will definitely notice this. Make sure you choose fresh flowers so, ask your wedding tent rental packages provider to include the fresh flowers in baskets. Be wary that they are kept suspended in the air and not fall onto the dinner plates of guests while they are feasting.

Make Precautionary Measures

It is very common to have unforeseen circumstances where the decoration doesn’t arrive on time or come short. You have to be ready for these situations and not panic. Have a backup plan ready to be executed. If the decoration doesn’t arrive then make sure there is another secondary decoration at your disposal so that it doesn’t go all wrong. Something is definitely better than nothing.

Decorate the Food Center

Whether it’s the starter or the main course, make sure that the food center is decorated with platters and sweets and jars of candy or whatever comes to your imagination. Add a bunch of pastries for decoration in a fancy platter or a tray. Dessert section should be separate and equally decorated.


Your big day should be about you and not the pressure of all these wedding party rentals and decorations. Personalize the décor to make it all about you and remind yourself that this is your big day. Include engagement photos around in a section. Have a fancy chalkboard and ask guests to write compliments. You can even go above and beyond and include a slideshow of from the beginning of your relationship till the engagement and beyond.

Decorations are just as important as your wedding dinner and most of the time the wedding tent rental Damascus includes them in their packages.