9 Things You Must Do to Have A Successful Tent Wedding

A tented wedding will give your guest good ambience and fresh air and it’s therefore important you ensure that you get the right size to fit your guest. A well-decorated tent will give your guest the chance to enjoy the outdoors and protect them from the harsh weather elements.  You need to start planning for the wedding early enough and ensure you get the right event rentals for your guest to enjoy the day and you can have peace of mind. In this article, we look at things you must do to ensure that you the best tent wedding.

Things You Must Do When You Have a Tent Wedding

  • Budget

It’s important to establish a budget for the tent you want. You need to determine the kind of tents you need for your wedding and then have a budget for the wedding tent rentals. Visit several rent wedding tent companies and get a quotation. Seek to establish the price difference and choose the best.

  • Choose the Right Wedding Tent

There are different kinds of tents including pole tents and frame tents. Poles tents are made of poles in the middle while frame tents are supported by a steel frame. You need to choose the right tent to ensure that it matches your style and will accommodate all your guest.

  • Find the right venue

You need to find the right venue that accommodates your tent. Find a flat surface where you can fix the tent. Make sure you confirm the rules and regulation of the venue. Ask whether you can stake the tent directly to the ground. Consider the noise restriction rules and when you are allowed to start setting up your wedding tent rentals. Consider the view from the venue in consideration with other venues and choose that gives the best outlook.

  • Reserve the Wedding tent rentals early enough

It’s important that you book the wedding tent rental packages in good time to avoid delays. Determine the number of guests you expect at the wedding and book the tent rentals that will work for your wedding early enough. Avoid booking your tent in the last minute because you may miss out on the best.

  • Get the right Tent Size

Determine the number of the guest you expect for the wedding and get the tent big enough to fit all your guest. Make sure you have a tent for the vendors such as the band and the caterer. Ensure that the wedding tent rentals you choose will fit event the extra guest who may not confirm their attendance in advance.

  • Have a plan in case of change of weather

If the weather is conducive leave the tent open but have a plan in case the weather changes. You don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable in case of weather changes and it’s therefore important that you have a plan in place.

  • Consider the Flooring

The grass is the cheapest option when it comes to tent flooring but you can also consider wood, sisal and other types of flooring. Make sure that your tent will be firm in the flooring you choose.

Consider having Temperature regulators

Having an AC will help regulate the temperature of the tent. It’s important you put this in consideration in case the temperatures become unbearable for the guest. Depending on the season invest in air conditioner or heater to ensure everyone is comfortable. Ask the event rentals company whether they provide AC and heaters. It’s best to work with a company that has the all the accessories you may need for your event.

  • Do a Prior Check on all Rentals

Prior to the event make sure you check on the wedding rental packages to make sure everything is ok. Make sure that the staging and dance floor rentals are ok, wedding rentals are as agreed. Make sure the tent is large enough to fit all the vendors and the guest. Prior to the wedding check to make sure the size of the tent as per the agreed terms.

Choose the wedding tent rental packages that will ensure your guest are comfortable and you have peace of mind. Work with the tent rental company that has a variety you can choose from and choose the tent that will bring out your style.