Must Have Event Rentals you Need for your Wedding

It’s important to establish a checklist of event rentals you need for your wedding. Its imperative that you figure out what you need to make your day is successful in advance. To make your event successful make sure that you plan and strategize in early enough .In this article we look at event rentals that you must have to make your wedding successful.

Event rentals you must have for a successful wedding

  • Table

Work with party rentals company that has a variety of tables for rentals. You need guest tables, dessert tables, buffer and a table for gifts. The tables can be arranged in rounds or large family tables. Work with the expert from the outdoor party rentals and choose the right tables for your event. Also, ensure that the tables are enough for all the guest. You don’t want your guest to be crowded in a few tables. The expert will help you come up with a layout and the best tables for your event.

  • Chairs

It’s important to have the right number of chairs. Determine the number of guests you expect and make sure you have enough chairs. Make sure the chairs are comfortable enough for your guest. Ensure the chairs are age appropriate. You can use different chairs for different sections of the ceremony. You can use chairs for the reception, and the benches for the main ceremony. Chiavari chairs are an elegant choice for your wedding. Choose to work with a company that has a variety of chairs you can select.

  • Lighting

Lighting will highlight your décor and create a beautiful ambiance. Choose the light element that will make your day more beautiful. You can select colorful lights, antique brass or chandeliers to make your wedding more beautiful. The expert from the event rental company will guide you on the best lights for your wedding. It’s also important to have lights if your events will run into the night. You can choose different lighting for each section.

  • Tents

If you are not sure what the weather will look like, its best to rent  wedding tent. You don’t want your guest to get soaked and leave before the wedding is over. There are a different kind of tents, and it’s best to work with a wedding tent rentals company that has a variety of tents. The planner will guide you on the best tents for your event. Clear tents will make your event more elegant because your guest can enjoy the warmth inside while watching the rain outside. Pole marquee tents are budget friendly and are ideal if you have a lot of guests. You can also add fabric drappings  and tent liners to make your event more luxurious. Make sure that the tents are enough for all your guest.

  • Tableware

Dishes, flatware, glasses, and linens will add elegance to your wedding. Work with a company that has a huge selection of the tableware you can select. The items you choose will enhance your tables and help complement your theme. Choose a wedding rental package that has items that will improve the theme of your wedding.

  • Stage and dancing floor rentals

You need a stage and dance floor rentals to crown your wedding day. Determine the number you expect for the evening party and choose the dance floor that will fit the guests. Make sure the dance floor is large enough to fit your guests.

  • Electricity

You may need to invest in a generator if the electricity doesn’t reach all the tents.If they are areas of the tent where there is no power you may need to get a generator. You may also need a generator to act as backup should there be a blackout.

  • Lounge furniture

A lounge will give your guest a place where they can rest. Nursing mothers can use the lounge to feed their young ones.

  • Restrooms

If your venue doesn’t have enough restroom make sure you get restrooms rentals.You can also get restroom rentals if the available washrooms are far from the main tent rentals.

It’s important to make sure that you have all the event rentals you require to make your wedding a success. Make sure you analyze your venue and determine what you need.  Consider your venue and choose the tent rentals that will work for you. Choose the wedding tent rental package that contains all the items you need.