A Guide on Planning a Beauty Pageant

Every year, thousands of viewers look forward to seeing beautiful women from different states or countries compete for the much-coveted crown. Pageants, whether local or international, do not solely base on the contestants’ looks. Judges also look through each contestant’s personality, talents and skills, and her advocacies. In other words, pageants celebrate a woman’s physical and inner beauty and all women in general.

It is not surprising how popular pageants are in many states and countries all over the world. Not only women join pageants but also men, young children, and members of the LGBT community. Have you ever wondered how beauty pageants are made possible? If you were assigned to organize one, what things should you have in mind?

What to consider in planning a beauty pageant

First of all, you need to have a list. You might need to hire event rentals and staging and dance floor rentals, suppliers. Oh, and you might also need table and chair rentals for your audience, pageant judges, and other very important guests. Other than these, here are some other things you should have on your pageant planning list.


Is the pageant about celebrating a woman’s beauty in the form of motherhood? Or is it a way to encourage little girls to become a beauty queen in their own right? Male pageants, although not as commercialized as women’s pageants, also deserve to be recognized not only with their looks but also with their substance.


One of the most important things you need to consider is setting the pageant criteria for judging. Usually, judges would look for the following:

  • Posture and walk
  • Personality and confidence
  • Stage presence and grace
  • Physical appeal (face and body proportion)
  • Evening gown
  • Talent
  • Overall impression and appeal


A lot of pageants also look for event sponsors. Preferably, you can have one major sponsor and some co-sponsors. The sponsors will also help in giving out special prizes and special titles named under their brands (ex. Ms. *name of lotion brand* or Mr. *name of shaving cream brand*)


Beauty pageants can be held in various locations. Some are held in an indoor venue like a hotel ballroom or an auditorium. Meanwhile, some hire tent rentals suppliers for an outdoor pageant event. It also depends on the number of candidates and your budget.

Hiring judges, hosts, and manpower

This is one of the trickiest parts of planning a pageant. It can be easy to contact someone you know to judge for a pageant. However, it may be risky to hire someone who is not experienced in beauty pageants. If you can contact a beauty expert or a local celebrity in your area, then much better.

Ideally, you need to hire about three or four judges for the pageant. You should also be careful when looking for a host. Your host should be experienced, entertaining, articulate, and spontaneous. He or she should know how to ad-lib at the right moment.

Also, you need to hire manpower to help with the stage setup and all. Usually, party tent rentals and staging and dance floor rentals suppliers also have in-house staff to help with the set-up. You will also have to have separate manpower to assist audience members, the contestants, and other important persons in the event.

The negative perceptions of beauty pageants

While a lot of people look forward to watching pageants, some people have negative perceptions of beauty pageants. For some of them, beauty pageants are only superficial and may not be a good example especially for young children.

Apparently, some people believe that beauty pageants make the average people feel more insecure about themselves. Beauty pageant contestants are also expected to achieve a certain weight and body type to qualify for such contests. The contestants’ so-called advocacies may just be for the sake of publicity and marketing.

The question-and-answer portion is another story. While there are some who actually give outstanding answers to important questions, some may not be as impressive. In general, we do not realize the pressure these contestants go through just to impress other people.

The beauty of beauty contests

On the contrary, it’s not that everyone hates beauty contests. Nowadays, beauty contests are not simply to be judged based on looks but also for the person’s inner beauty. At the end of the day, the success of a beauty pageant lies on how organizers state their objectives and how they respect women and people from all walks of life.

Planning for a major event such as this one may be challenging. It’s all about choosing the right suppliers who will help your event become successful. For event rental needs, call the best tent rentals in Northern VA.